Common Problems You Will Face with Your Roommates During University

Published by on Feb 11, 2020, 02:31 pm

We all know how bad having roommates are but it's inevitable to avoid because having your own apartment or renting an ensuite room in the dorms are pricey. So it’s a lose/lose situation regardless and you got to choose between one of the two and most of the time you’ll end up in a room with one or multiple people. Here are some stories and common problems you will have to face with your roommates, from the noise to the smell to dealing with their problems when it isn’t even your business.

  1. Awkward & Personal Problems : Every once in a while when you have a roommate, you will have these weird instances and you slowly will see their problems and why they would be labeled a weird or downright worst roommate.





  1. Loud Noise : Now this comes with every single roommate or flatmate, the noise will always be there. Noise from loud music, to them banging pots and pans in the kitchen when you’re studying or in the middle of a good night’s sleep.




  1. Dirty & Smelly : There are roommates that are cleanily and have the common sense to clean their own dishes, but usually that’s hard to find and you’ll have the downright nasty and grime from plates pilling up in the sink to stains or trash everywhere on the floor which then leads to the lingering smell. Ewwwww





  1. Stealing Your Things : Now, there’s the stealers, the roommates that have the mindset of ‘mi casa es su casa’ meaning ‘my house is your house’. This is when things get bad because they start to use your things as if it belongs to them and sometimes their excuse will be “but we live together so”, so you better start locking up your precious belongings before they start claiming it!  




  1. Lights Off, Lights On : Everyone has exprienced this once in an a while, where your roommate will turn on the light as you’re about to sleep to do god knows what at this late hour of the day and sometimes you either; gotta deal with it or tell them off. Your choice.




  1. Unwilling to Compromise : There are gonna be those weird roommates that you will encounter every once in a while and it’s hard to compromise with them so you just gotta deal with their weirdness, and maybe it’d be fun to tweet out their weird habits.



At the end of the day, even though having roommates can be a pain, things can get very interesting and sometimes you'll end up bonding better than ever. Remember roommates are not a permanent thing, you will probably have a new one every other semester or you might even move out to find your own place, so make as many memories as you can even if you have to deal with the bad or the good! Plus, roommate gossip will never get old on Twitter, shhh...!

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