Charting New Horizons in Technology Advancement - An Interview with Tan Aik Keong

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 29, 2023, 10:59 am

Transitioning from school to the professional world is no walk in the park. However, getting quality higher education is a great starting point for building impressive careers.

Tan Aik Keong is one individual who has found success after excelling in his higher education studies. As a graduate of Multimedia University (MMU), his story is a true testament to the power of education, hard work and creativity in achieving great things, especially in the tech industry.

Forging Ahead with Vision

Tan is the founder and CEO of Agmo Holdings Berhad, a publicly listed technology company that has been making waves in the industry.

With a passion for digital transformation and innovation, Tan has led his company towards remarkable achievements, fuelled by his motivation to make a positive impact.

Providing a brief overview of his company, he shares, "Our company specialises in building bespoke digital solutions to help corporate clients with their digital transformation agenda, creating digital platform-based services, providing support and maintenance services and setting up a coding academy to cultivate more tech talents in Malaysia.”

With a team of around 200 professionals under his wing, Tan's responsibilities extend far and wide. "My responsibility is to develop a strategic plan and execute it across various departments to drive the company's growth."

One of the most rewarding facets of Tan's role is observing the concrete influence that his company's technological innovations have on the lives of individuals.

He highlights DOC2US as an example, which serves as the virtual health advisory partner within MySejahtera. It played a pivotal role in offering essential assistance to countless Malaysians amidst the the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tan's journey from MMU alumni to technology pioneer has been nothing short of extraordinary. He shares, "I managed to bring Agmo Group to have a successful IPO in August 2022, 10 years after our humble beginning in 2012. Currently, we have a market capitalisation of about 200 million."

This achievement stands as a testament to his vision, determination and commitment to innovation which have culminated in his professional success.

Catalyst for Growth

Graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics, Tan reflects on his educational journey with deep gratitude and acknowledged MMU's pivotal role in preparing him for his current position. His co-founders, Steven Low and Chin Seng are also MMU alumni who, like him, gained a robust engineering foundation, providing a solid footing in the professional industry.

Among Tan's cherished memories are the years spent in the university's hostel, where he formed strong bonds with his co-founders. These relationships, nurtured during that time, proved to be the cornerstone of their eventual partnership in co-founding Agmo Group.

Tan further credits MMU's strategic location in Cyberjaya, often dubbed the Silicon Valley of Malaysia, for exposing them to the tech industry early in their academic journey, setting them ahead of their peers.

During his time at MMU, Tan experienced a significant epiphany that defined his potential and the course of his success. He fondly recalls co-developing a groundbreaking project for his Final Year Project (FYP) – an Altera FPGA-powered robot with versatile control options.

This innovative creation allowed remote control through a web browser using TCP-IP protocol, DTMF control via phone, and physical control using a PS/2 port keyboard. This project not only highlighted his exceptional problem-solving abilities but also ignited his passion for programming.

Tan's deep engagement with cutting-edge technologies can be traced back to his encounters with Mr Yap Wen Jiun, a remarkable lecturer in engineering mathematics and programming at MMU Cyberjaya.

Mr Yap's impressive credentials as one of the early developers for Android applications and his active involvement with Google technologies left a lasting mark on Tan's educational journey.

Inspired by Mr Yap's guidance, Tan recognised the importance of immersing himself in emerging technologies from the earliest stages, understanding that being a pioneer in these fields could give him a significant advantage and rapid access to flourishing markets.

Prosperous bond with MMU

Tan's connection with MMU didn't end with graduation. His status as a Permata Dunia, which signifies him as an esteemed MMU alumnus, highlights the ongoing relationship he maintains with the university.

He also highlights the ecosystem that keeps alumni connected, exemplified by the MMU Alumni Society and MMU Founders Club. These platforms have consistently provided invaluable support for networking and business opportunities.

Tan further elaborates on the significance of his ongoing relationship with MMU by highlighting two recent developments, "We have hosted our Agmo EV SuperApp launching in June 2023 at MMU Cyberjaya, which is a momentous moment to us as it is a joint collaboration with AlibabaCloud. The event was also graced by the attendance of MOSTI minister, YB Chang Lih Kang. Besides this, we have also signed a memorandum of agreement with MMU to launch the first ESG theme experience centre in Malaysia powered by Extended Reality technology, to be launched by the second half of 2023.”

As Tan's journey unfolds, it becomes evident that the seeds of success sown during his time at MMU have blossomed into a legacy of innovation, impact and leadership in the dynamic world of technology.

If this remarkable journey has piqued your interest, make sure to explore the exciting opportunities that await you here!

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