Celebrating the best at INTEC Education College

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 13, 2016, 09:24 am

The theme of INTEC's 2016 Award Ceremony was flight and indeed they flew to become the greatest.


INTEC Education College, UiTM’s private college under UiTM Private Education Sdn Bhd (UPESB) organized INTEC Student Awards which was held at its own campus in Section 17, Shah Alam.

Students and lecturers alike were draped in shades of blue, symbolizing the clear blue sky as their next destination of studying abroad and achieve more greatness along the way.

It was an annual event, conducted to award and recognize students who success in both academic and co-curriculum, putting emphasis on the importance of being an all-rounded individual.

As guest dined and chatted among themselves, the hall was presented with several musical performances such as a Gamelan orchestra playing modern music, a band called "FullHouse" with a acoustic flair and the finale with a song titled "Terbang", sung by a fellow student about how INTEC provides hope to those who need them.


There were four awards to be won; Academic Excellence Award, Club & Society Awards, Residential Awards & Chief Executive Award. These awards are a drive for students’ motivation to be a well-rounded and competent graduate.

INTEC adapts holistic and well-structured curriculum in its academic programmes, integrating academic, soft skills and spiritual elements. Wishing all the best for next year, INTEC Education College.


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