Being productive with music

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 15, 2016, 12:23 pm

Study shows that music could increase productivity.


Regardless of what your activity is, there’s a right tune that your brain responds to make you more effective.

1. Nature Sounds


Okay, for most people this is not music, to some it’s an ambience. Researchers have discovered that nature sounds helps in soothing the mind and it boosts your mood, as well as your focus.

2. Your Personal Favorite


Have you ever had that good feeling when you listen to a song? Well chances are it’s one of your favorite song. Study reveals that listening to your favorite music does make you feel good about yourself and greatly speeds up any task you’re in.

3. Not the Usual Tune


Some songs can result to you being distracted, due to its catchy wordplay and bouncing beats. Listening to songs you don’t really care about makes you less distracted.

4. Instrumentals


Lyrics coming from music can be distracting since its fairly easy for us to get distracted to the noise around us. Playing classical music or any that does not have words in them, do provide you with better mental focus. Words in music may make you shift your line of thought from one topic to another.

5. Let the Beat Rock


Music that has a certain tempo does improve work that involves repetitive action. So when you’re doing something routine, like replying emails or reviewing numbers, songs with a steady tempo enables you to accomplish your task faster.

Which song is the best for productivity or which genre? You can’t really say. Everyone has their own taste in music, different people react to different tunes.

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