BACfreeschool.com Releases 6 New E-Learning Sites to Support Malaysian Students from Standard 1 to Form 5

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 27, 2018, 07:23 am

BACfreeschool.com launched its full family of e-learning sites, offering FREE access to educational content based on the nationalschool syllabus. Designed to complement existing teaching and learning activities in Malaysia, students and teachers alike canutilise these sites as an additional learning resource, general revision tool or for intensive exam prep.

These e-learning sites feature a comprehensive learning experience covering subjects from Standard 1 to Form 5, with interactive material developed by experienced teachers:

  • SPMflix.com - for Form 4 & 5 students with e-notes, quizzes and tutorial videos
  • PT3flix.com - for Form 1, 2 & 3 students
  • UPSRflix.com - for Standard 1 – 6 students
  • SJKCflix.com - for Chinese vernacular schools with select subjects for Standard 1 – 6 students
  • SJKTflix.com - for Tamil vernacular schools with select subjects for Standard 1 – 6 students
  • IGCSEflix.com - for refugee children taking their exams the world over

Transforming Lives Through Education

“At the BAC Education Group, we believe in the power of education to change lives. Thus, an initiative like BACfreeschool is important to provide access to quality education for all students, including underserved communities and refugees,” said Mr. Raja Singham, founder of BACfreeschool.com. “Today’s launch of the six specialist learning portals is one more way for us to support the development of education in Malaysia to uplift the nation, one student at a time.”

As a non-profit educational initiative, fully funded by the BAC Education Group, the BACfreeschool team actively supports education reform with a focus on driving student-centric learning and the provision of universal access to ICT tools. These efforts also include 21st Century Learning workshops for school teachers and administrators which showcase the practical implementations of student-centric learning techniques in schools including the effective use of technology in classrooms and reimagined pedagogical styles (i.e. flipped classroom interactions).

“In addition to educator engagements, we also reach out to students directly through events like our annual SPM Seminar or our recently launched weekly tuition webinar for SPM students. Our activities are fortified with our own hands-on experience garnered since 2012 and we have full confidence in our ability to act as a third force to support the continued evolution of education in Malaysia,” said Jennifer Low, COO of BACfreeschool. “Our opportunity for the future now lies with parties in both the public and private sectors collaborating synergistically to offer our children a holistic education. To that end, BACfreeschool stands ready tocollaborate with all relevant parties to the necessary steps to build an education system that works for all our students and teachers.”

Please visit BACfreeschool.com for more information on its initiatives including its six e-learning sites.

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