APU Mega Career Fair 2024: A Triumph with Malaysia Digital Premier Digital Tech Institutions Talent Hunt

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 05, 2024, 04:51 pm

This year’s fair represented a beacon of opportunity for many, offering a large platform for students and job seekers to connect with prospective employers.

In collaboration with Malaysia Digital Premier Digital Tech Institutions (MD PDTI) Talent Hunt, the recent Mega Career Fair 2024 by Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) was a triumphant success. This highly anticipated event transformed the lively APU campus into a hub of opportunities, introducing industry leaders to students and educators alike.

The career fair provided students and job seekers a valuable opportunity to network directly with employers, explore a wide range of career options and learn exclusive industry insights, all of which will aid in their professional growth.

“By facilitating direct interactions with industry leaders and providing hands-on experiences through events like the APU Mega Career Fair, APU ensures that its graduates are equipped with practical skills and industry insights”, stated Mr Gurpardeep Singh, APU’s Chief Operating Officer.

Various exhibitors and career prospects

The fair featured up to 120 exhibitors from 19 different industries, half of them representing Malaysia’s Top 100 Leading Graduate Employers (M100). 

In total, more than 10,000 positions were offered, including 5,333 full-time positions and 4,809 internship opportunities for participants. Fifty percent of companies actively sought international students for employment. 

Abdullah Mohammed Hazeq, an international APU student from India remarked on his amazing experience at the fair, highlighting that the fair has significantly expanded his career opportunities and provided invaluable assistance in advancing his career path, contributing to his overall growth.

The fair’s reputation as one of Malaysia’s largest university-organised career events is reinforced by the presence of leading employers and a vast array of career opportunities.

Comprehensive career guidance

In addition to exploring various employment avenues, attendees also benefitted from comprehensive career support services such as free professional resume reviews. 

The resume reviews provided participants with insightful feedback and advice on how to strengthen their applications - improving clarity, impact and relevance to prospective employers and raising their chances of securing employment.

Interactive sessions and networking

Interactive seminars and one-on-one interactions with corporate representatives also proved beneficial for students as the topics covered in these sessions covered industry trends and insights, effective strategies for job searching, tips for advancing one’s career and much more.

APU student Yew Pei Ming said, “I appreciated the direct connections with employers, gaining insights into how my skills align with their company’s goals and understanding their specific internship criteria, which can benefit my growth and professional development.”

Exhibitors showcased their company principles and cultures, offering students valuable insights into their future career paths.

A display of excellence from students

The exhibitors also expressed their admiration for the calibre of APU students, highlighting their outstanding academic achievements and refined soft skills. The combination of the students’ technical skills and interpersonal abilities demonstrated that they possess the quality and attributes of highly sought-after candidates.

Daisy Vincent Xavier, Global Maybank Apprentice at Maybank and exhibitor, said that the students exhibited strong engaging skills in communicating their goals, demonstrating their preparedness to make valuable contributions in diverse professional environments. She added that their proactive approach to learning and problem-solving illustrated their ability to succeed in fast-paced industries.

The APU Mega Career Fair 2024 demonstrated the university’s continuous efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry. By providing a significant platform for students and employers to connect meaningfully, APU guarantees that its graduates are prepared for success in the highly competitive global workforce. 

To learn more about APU and the programmes it offers, visit here.

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