Application Dates for Matriculation Programme 2022

Published by Afterschool.my on Mar 08, 2022, 05:30 pm

Applications for the Matriculation Programme for candidates who will be finished with SPM 2021, will be opening from 15th of March 2022 to 15th of April 2022. To candidates who are still sitting for SPM, you can still make an application even if you are not done with your exams.

For your information, applications are FREE through the website http://matrikulasi.moe.gov.my. After applications are closed, the dates to update your applications are in June. The Matriculations officials will also give chances in June to those who have not made their applications yet.If you have any particular questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected] or call 03-8884 4083/4035 or join the Telegram channel: Jom Masuk Matriks

In conclusion, we wish to remind you to carefully choose the right pre-university as pre-university is important in choosing your path to tertiary education. Pre-university can be seen as a transit programme that will evaluate whether or not you can further your studies in degree. 

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