AISM Celebrates Higher School Certificate (HSC) 2019 Results

Published by on Oct 21, 2020, 10:49 am

Our 2019 cohort of Year 12 students achieved impressive tertiary entrance ranks. Once again, AISM has achieved the best results outside of Australia in the NSW Higher School Certificate Pre-university Matriculation.

AISM is proud to be ranked in the Top 20% of New South Wales Schools in consecutive years.

 According to statistics reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, AISM’s Band 6 Success Rate (12.12%) soared well above the average score of 5.47% for schools in NSW. Further to this, 29% of students placed in the Distinguished Achievers List (Subject Score above 90) and 73% of the cohort achieved Band 5 & 6 (Subject Score above 70).

AISM students have also excelled with a 9% increase of achieving Band 4, 5 and 6 from last year’s 86%. 

The students listed in the Distinguished Achievers List (90 marks or above in individual subjects) were for a range of subjects including Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Health and Physical Education and English. Xuan Lin Tan obtained the highest results in her cohort and scored an impressive ATAR score of 98.85 marks, which placed her in the top 1.2% of students sitting their HSC.

 The HSC is an internationally recognized qualification, and AISM graduates have been accepted into top universities all around the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and many other countries.

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