Against All Odds: How Yayasan UEM Global Scholarship helped Prathip Achieve His Dreams

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 14, 2023, 11:00 am

In the face of financial constraints, pursuing higher education abroad seemed like an unattainable dream for me. However, fate had something extraordinary in store. 

My name is Prathip Devan Vasudevan and I am studying Finance, Accounting, and Management at the University of Nottingham. This is all thanks to the Yayasan UEM Global Scholarship.

With unwavering determination and outstanding performance in my SPM examinations (9A+s and 1A), I was fortunate enough to receive a prestigious scholarship from Yayasan UEM.

As a Yayasan UEM scholar, I was presented with a life-changing opportunity to pursue my A-Levels at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM), one of Malaysia's finest A-Level colleges. KYUEM provided a rigorous academic environment and introduced me to lifelong friends who have become an integral part of my journey.

Building on the solid foundation laid at KYUEM, I embarked on a degree in Finance, Accounting, and Management at the University of Nottingham. In my very first year, my exceptional performance earned me the esteemed Dean's Excellence Academic Award, positioning me among the top achievers in my cohort. My long-cherished aspiration of studying abroad in the UK was finally coming true and I could not have been prouder.

In the UK, Yayasan UEM's generous allowances ensured that I could live comfortably and focus on my studies. Moreover, I had the privilege of exploring various countries in Europe and immersing myself in diverse cultures. As a passionate football enthusiast, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of witnessing my favourite team, Liverpool FC, play at the iconic Anfield stadium. These incredible experiences are etched in my memory and they would have remained beyond my reach without the invaluable support of this scholarship.

During my time abroad, I embraced an extraordinary opportunity to undergo a summer internship with Ernst & Young (EY) in Edinburgh, Scotland. Little did I anticipate that this invaluable experience would serve as a catalyst for a future brimming with promise. Upon the successful completion of the internship, I was bestowed with the utmost honour of receiving a graduate job offer from EY, propelling me towards the realisation of my lifelong aspiration of becoming a Chartered Accountant. 

I wasn’t sure if Yayasan UEM would allow me to continue staying overseas but my fears were put to rest when they too were overjoyed and celebrated my success. I remain eternally grateful to Yayasan UEM for bestowing their trust in me and investing in my potential. I also would like to express my deep appreciation for the remarkable flexibility exhibited by Yayasan UEM as the organisation graciously approved my request to extend my stay abroad to pursue my chartered accounting ambitions. This unwavering support from Yayasan UEM has undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping the position I find myself in today.

My journey from humble beginnings to remarkable achievements stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the unwavering support provided by Yayasan UEM. Today I stand tall, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to dream. With gratitude in my heart, I encourage aspiring students to embrace their dreams, knowing that the Yayasan UEM scholarship can be a catalyst for their success.

Investing in the future of bright young minds, Yayasan UEM is shaping leaders and champions who will make a lasting impact on society. Together, let us celebrate the triumphs of these exceptional individuals and continue fostering a generation driven by passion, resilience and the pursuit of excellence.

- By Prathip Devan Vasudevan

Accounting, University of Nottingham

If you aspire to become a scholar like Prathip, click here to apply for the Yayasan UEM Global Scholarship today. 


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