Advanced Tertiary College crowned Champions of Humanitarian Law

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 23, 2016, 02:36 pm

Team ATC emerged champions for the 2nd National International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Role Play Competition 2016.


Held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, the competition involved participants applying their negotiation and persuasion skills. Together with their knowledge of the laws of armed conflict, participants are placed in simulations that mimic real life scenarios during war. The respective teams were given roles representing entities such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), rebel groups, leaders of fictional countries, Amnesty International and so on.


The main objective of this competition is to raise awareness on the area of International Humanitarian Law and the role of the ICRC in times of armed conflict amongst students. The winning team will be representing Malaysia at the All Africa IHL Course and Role Play competition in Arusha, Tanzania in November 2017.Advance Tertiary College (ATC) aims to provide students with access to tertiary and professional education that is affordable yet maintaining the highest level of academic standards. In the last decade, ATC has become the largest private law school in this region and the only private law school with the most London law awards worldwide.
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