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BEING a healthcare provider goes beyond the job – as you deal with people in need of help, you are uniquely positioned to also provide support emotionally, apart from attending to the physical needs of clients.

To prepare for your career, build a strong foundation at Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College (RSDH College), which is committed to helping its students explore opportunities and nurturing them to grow into their careers.

Known for its nursing education and allied health sciences programmes, RSDH College provides students with quality education, starting them off on the right path towards a career in the industry.

Alvin Lim, who graduated with a Diploma in Physiotherapy, currently runs a physiotherapy centre, Peak Performance Physio Lab, and at the same time is pursuing a degree in physiotherapy focusing on musculoskeletal conditions.

He explains his course choice, “I’m active in sports, especially in martial arts and get injured quite a bit. I chose the course to learn more about the body and how to treat the injuries.”

He recalls some memorable college moments, “Back in RSDH College, I was on the student council, which connects students from different faculties on special occasions to celebrate together. We also learnt from each other about what our faculties do by having seminars for discussion. This gave us an insight of what other departments do and prepared us for the future when we start work.”

He said the course and lecturers helped him to become more confident and knowledgeable in his chosen field of physiotherapy.

He advises potential students, “If you want to pursue this course, be passionate, be curious and be hungry for the knowledge. There are always so many things to learn in physiotherapy and I assure you that the lecturers in RSDHC are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I am sure learning from them will definitely change the way you know physiotherapy.”

Meanwhile, naturopathic physician and consultant, Sudhashree Ambuselvan chose Diploma in Medical Assistant because an assistant medical officer plays an important role in hospital care, especially in the Emergency Department.

Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College

“An assistant medical officer is needed in almost every department, not just the Emergency Department, to assist or carry out procedures on patients. The medical knowledge from the course and extraordinary experiences from clinical postings impacted my life hugely. During postings, I learnt to be more focused and sensitive towards the surrounding and people and to keep upgrading my knowledge. Now, as an alternative medicine practitioner in Luqman Herbs Center, I practice natural medicine but I know exactly what happens on the other side (modern medicine) as well.”

She adds, “My job scope needs me to know the medications my clients are on and what had been done as management before they seek traditional and complementary medicine. With my knowledge as an assistant medical officer, I can decide what traditional and complementary management can or cannot suit a client. Besides that, communicable diseases must be referred to hospital – as a naturopath and a medical assistant, I take great care in this aspect.”

For those considering taking the course, she says, “Do it – just because it’s a Diploma in Medical Assistant doesn’t mean you must be an assistant medical officer. There is a vast selection of careers available and most importantly, think out of the box if you want to excel in any field.”

Diploma in Nursing graduate Aspeir Wong is a bit different from her peers – she only underwent the course in her 30’s, studying alongside classmates who were 17 to 20 years old.

She shares, “It was a tough decision as I had many commitments and was concerned of not being able to catch up with the syllabus. It took me two solid years to decide and the push was the movie, The Bucket List. I worked for an organization overseas where I found my passion in palliative and hospice care. Jumping from a journalism background to nursing is like being given an entry ticket that opened up a new dimension to the world.”

She finds that palliative and the hospice care have been much overlooked. After graduating as a state registered nurse, she ran a company providing private palliative and hospice care services, offering an alternative person-centered care in their home.

She advises those going to pursue the Diploma in Nursing, “Not everyone can become a nurse – be proud as ‘Nurse’ is an honourable title. Along the road, be humble and continue to learn. Don’t ever stop – grow yourself as a leader and a comprehensive nurse; our society needs you.”

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