A Story of Self-Discovery Through Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad has become a global phenomenon with students crossing countries, continents and oceans to get the best education possible. But why choose a university destination in another country?

The truth is, studying overseas has many fantastic benefits from helping you start off on a great career to improving your outlook on life. But one of the best benefits of studying abroad is the journey you will take to self-discovery.

Still not too sure? Well, meet Twinkle Lok 

Twinkle’s experience studying at the University of Warwick, England has been nothing short of a brilliant journey. Sitting in the interviewee’s chair, she remembers her time in the UK studying her Bachelor’s in Psychology with fond memories. 

However, you must wonder, why choose to study at Warwick?

According to Twinkle, her choice was quite purposeful. Psychology was a degree course that you could do practically anywhere as many universities had several psychology courses available. However, for her what stood out was that the University of Warwick was a campus university. “That was really appealing to me, in contrast to many of the other places that were very much city-based,” she says, emphasizing that it was the community feel of the campus that also drew her attention.

Growing through experience 

Twinkle comments that she most definitely grew as an individual because of her experiences both within the classroom and outside. She experienced what it was like handling things on her own such as living expenses and managing her time well. She notes that there is a level of responsibility that causes one to grow up and take charge of one’s own life.  

Recalling her first arrival at the Warwick campus, she says, “There was a lot of people going with me, so I didn’t feel so alone. Warwick has a pretty big Malaysian community so that helped with the adjustment, so it didn’t feel like such a big uprooting process.”

Twinkle, who spent three years in the UK for her studies notes that one of the benefits of studying in Warwick is the range of options and dedicated lecturers. “The courses were pretty diverse and there was a huge range of modules we were allowed to take although what I am doing right now is a very specific field of psychology,” she says, elaborating that while she always knew she wanted to do clinical psychology, the diversity in the University of Warwick allowed her to experience and gain knowledge from different fields of psychology.

Delving more into her experience with lecturers, she animatedly says that her lecturers were really passionate about what they were teaching and often, it was something that they were specialized in and on very specific topics. Looking back at that atmosphere she spent growing in her psychology studies she says, “It was a very encouraging environment to start off my journey (with psychology).”

Discovering yourself

When she came back to Malaysia, Twinkle didn’t immediately start looking for a job. Instead, she chose to further her studies by doing her Master’s. While her transition was smooth, she suspects that she easily got into the university of her choice for her Master’s because she had studied overseas. “I applied to the masters of my choice and pretty much got in. I suspect that my experiences in Warwick helped my credentials,” she says.

Part of her credentials is that Twinkle was heavily involved in extracurricular activities. One of the major things she participated in was the Malaysian Students’ Association. She says remembering fondly, “Something about being abroad brings out this pride in being Malaysian I suppose, and I spent a lot of time doing activities related to the society.”

Studying abroad sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Many students who have studied abroad have come home not only with a heart full of wonderful memories and experiences but also a better version of themselves. This is because you not only gain a world-class education in top-notch facilities and a chance to be taught by leading academics and experts, but you also get to experience different cultures and interact with different communities from all over the world. 

When asked to share her one piece of advice, Twinkle has this to say, “Just be adventurous.” To her, Warwick had always been a place where she felt safe to discover. “I think for me a lot of my time there was really about discovery. Where I found out the options I have for my future, how things are like for other people as well. But also, through those interactions, kind of finding out ‘okay this is who I am and discovering different parts of myself I didn’t quite see when I was back here (in Malaysia).”

“So, I would say just really be adventurous. Warwick is a great place to do that and dabble in lots of things and find out what really matters to you.”

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