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One of the sectors that has been impacted the most by the gruesome COVID-19 pandemic is the education sector. COVID-19 cases had been on a downward curve, but this was only for a short stretch of time as the daily number of cases spiked up once again. Schools, universities as well as high stake examinations have been canceled several times since the start of COVID-19, affecting students’ learning experience. Educators, in particular, were forced to adapt and be innovative with their teaching to ensure the learning process continues to take place. Online learning became the new norm. As of 2021, schools and universities were cautiously reopened as the vaccination programme was rolled out.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that university education can come with a hefty price tag. This is difficult enough, but to make things worse, a massive number of individuals were laid off their jobs in the midst of this pandemic. Scholarships and financial assistance have become increasingly in demand, especially among students from middle class and underprivileged families.

Limkokwing University has stepped-forward with the aim of providing financial assistance to students who are in dire need. Several programmes were introduced to ensure no students are left behind during these difficult times.

The Outstanding Talent Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship offered exclusively for talented individuals at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. As stated by Datuk Gail Phung, Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Limkokwing University, 1000 of these scholarships were made available for talented individuals, irrelevant of their academic results.

If you are wondering how one defines talent, the university strongly believes in the concept of multiple intelligence. If you have represented your school in a public speaking competition, won a photography contest, or even an active member of the performing arts, you are eligible for this scholarship. In essence, all you need is a talent.


Apart from the Outstanding Talent Scholarship, there are other scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, thus proving Limkokwing University’s determination to help students. The additional scholarships are as follows:

Full scholarship for students with outstanding academic results:

o   SPM and IGCSE O-levels – 6A’s and above

o   UEC – 5A’s and above

o   STMP – CGPA 3.7 and above

 Partial (up to 50%) scholarship for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

o   Sibling discount - Both siblings must enrol in the University at the time of applications.

o   Spouse Discount – Open to all staff with either husband or wife being employed at the University at the time of application.

o   Staff Discount – Open to all staff

International Learning Experience in Malaysia

Limkokwing University

Aside from the financial assistance and scholarships provided, Limkokwing is notable for its international student body. Limkokwing has the highest rate of international students compared to all other universities in Malaysia. Its diverse learning environment plays an integral role in preparing students for the global economy.

“Here at Limkokwing, our students develop a different mindset because of the diversity in culture and religion. Mixing with others from all over the world exposes students to a variety of different viewpoints – this is invaluable as students broaden their own minds,” affirms Datuk Gail.

Students are often confronted with different views and standings on social and political issues, yet they learn to respect the differences in opinion. It is a crucial skill that can only be attained in an environment with individuals of various races, ethnicities and religion. It also increases the ability to articulate their own opinions respectfully. On top of that, students get to build and establish a network with peers originating from different countries, which in return expands their opportunity for future careers.

All Malaysians are eligible to apply for Limkokwing University scholarships. Students can apply for the July/August and October 2021 intakes. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, boarding would be made mandatory and students would be required to be on campus.

For more information on Limkokwing University’s scholarships, click here

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