A Complete Guide to Studying Medicine in Russia for Malaysians

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If you had to name the most country overseas that Malaysian students chose to study medicine at, Russia definitely springs to mind. Having always been a wildly popular option among budding medical students, the world’s largest nation can be quite a daunting prospect to any one-person contemplating to settle there for a good six years. Is it really that cold? How much does a McValue meal cost over there? Will I have to learn Russian? How much does the whole course cost?We answer all these pressing questions and more in our complete guide to studying medicine in Russia, so read on and have all your questions finally answered! 


According to the Malaysian Medical Council

the following five institutions are accredited in Malaysia:

 First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU)

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Previously known as Moscow Medical Academy, established in 1930 and is one of Russia’s best institutions in the field. The university receives about 8,000 Russian and foreign students every year. They offer a preparatory course for one year, a 6-year medical programme conducted fully in English, and postgraduate studies. The facilities in this institution includes state-of-the-art laboratories, the best medical library in Russia, a clinical centre with 18 diverse clinics, most advanced practical classes, fully-equipped classrooms, and newly built apartment-like hostels. 

Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)

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The university was established in 1906 and has 100 years of experience and academic excellence in the field of medicine. The institution has been training foreign students for several decades. This university is known for the first Paediatric Faculty in the world, which was established in 1930.The university teaches in English for the first part of the study and once the students start their clinical, studies will be conducted in Russian due to interacting with patients and other medical personnel. The university has state of the art classrooms, laboratories, fully equipped library, advanced practical facilities, and students’ accommodation within the vicinity of the campus. 

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU)

Established in 1935, KSMU was the first university in Russia to offer their entire medical programme fully in English. The institution has a long experience and has trained more than 25,000 medical professionals. A medical degree from Kursk State Medical University isn’t only recognised and accredited by the Malaysian Medical Council, it is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNESCO and General Medical Council (G.M.C) of major European countries, including the UK, France and other international medical boards. 

Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy

Founded in 1920 and has a long history in terms of contributing to modern medicine on a global scale due to high level research and advanced clinical practices. The academy conducts its classes and training in both English and Russian mediums. In 1999, the academy started training international students in the English medium.

Volgograd State Medical Academy

Founded in 1935, the academy is situated in the southern parts of Russia on the west bank of the Volga River. The institution began teaching and training international students since 1962. Since 2000, they began teaching international students in the English language. 

Popular among Malaysians

Among Malaysians, First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) and Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) are popular choices because of their rich history and dignified reputation. However, due to the see-saw value of the Ringgit, there has been a trend that leans towards Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) among Malaysians because of their tuition structure. Malaysians can pay their tuition at KSMU in Ringgit Malaysia without having to convert their currency into US dollars or Russian ruble. 

Cost of Living

Below, we have put together a neat infographic that paints a clearer picture of what it would cost to stay in Russia, as well as the three most popular universities there and their respective fees:  


Medical courses continue to top the list of expensive courses. The fees in Russia are on the reasonable end of the scale, one of the main reasons it continues to draw hordes of Malaysians over. The fees vary based on which university you choose to attend. Below you will find the fees per year of each institution, as per their latest release:

Please contact office for latest fee structure.


Cost of Living

While fees are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a university, cost of living should never be overlooked as it can contribute to a significant amount that university students never anticipate for. As for cost of living in Russia, here are some comparisons of prices of a range of products and services. All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM):

It should be noted that the above is only an estimate, and the cost of living will vary based on the lifestyle individual students lead, as well as their location.



The bad news is you will need to learn Russian. The good news though, is that students will conveniently receive Russian language lessons once they begin their tertiary education in the country. Before all that comes into play though, please note that it is also mandatory to get an IELTS certification with minimum of 6.5. However, students with scores less than 6.5 and higher than 5.0, may appeal to their university of choice. Admission is often assessed based on individual cases.


Unlike what you see in movies, most of Russia lies in a moderate climate zone and is quite a comfortable place to live in. Unlike many Western countries, central heating is on in all houses and public buildings during the winter season, so you will not have to worry if winter is coming! Heaters also work in public transport during the winter months. When you are in your dormitory room or a classroom, it's not likely that you'll get cold. But it’s always best to invest in a nice sweater just in case. 

Minimum Requirements

Those who apply straight out of SPM or O-Levels will have to sit for a yearlong pre-medical course, whereas those who have taken pre-university course of almost any variety may be eligible to enroll into 1st year of a medical course in Russia. Check out the detailed requirement list below and see if your grades cut the mustard:


How to Apply

In an effort to simplify what would otherwise be an awfully complicated list filled with way too many words, the infographic below should explain everything you need to know:

Studying medicine may seem daunting, what more pursuing it in a foreign country you’ve never set foot in. But knowledge is indeed power, and hopefully the information you’ve gone through leaves you with a clearer picture as to whether Russia as the place you’d like to call home for the entirety of your medical school life. 


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