7 Signs You Will Fail at University

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Truth to be told, thousands of students every year fail in their higher education studies, be it at public/private universities/colleges/polytechnics and so on. There are many reasons why students quit their studies, but what's even worse is for those who are forced to leave by the higher education institution itself. Let us look at some of the reasons why students fail at university to avoid being one of them. 

Failure to Control Emotions


For most students, furthering their higher education studies means that they are away from their home for the very first time. Unlike students who went to boarding schools, these students are most likely to experience overwhelming emotions and sadness due to homesickness. 

This especially happens because of uncertainties of the future. It is certainly not an easy decision to choose a path that will decide and change your life. One wrong choice can impact you badly for a lifetime. This is one reason why students often feel overwhelmed as they doubt their decision. Other reasons include having no friends and adapting to a new environment. 

If you allow the feeling of uncertainty and sadness to go on, we can assure that you will quit right after the orientation itself. So our advice is to emotionally prepare yourself before you get enrolled in a university. You can spend more time with your family and most importantly, be focused on your real goals. You cannot let your emotions destroy your dreams.

You are Studying a Course You are Not Interested In

If you are one of those who had applied for a course you are not interested in just so you could further your higher education studies, it can backfire and have an adverse affect on your life.

Therefore, it is best to check the structure of the course thoroughly before you apply for it. Wondering how you can check? Just visit the official website of the respective higher education institution. You will be able to find the structure of the programme, career opportunities and other significant information you need to know. 

If you do not want to end up applying and paying registration fees only to quit later on, you need to find out everything there is to know about the respective fields of study. Don't just merely engage in social media. Take advantage of the internet facilities available to do your own research.

You are Anti-Social


There is a fine line between being an introvert and antisocial. While being an introvert may not really harm you since you might only need some time to warm up and establish relationships with others, being antisocial can be harmful. Most antisocial gives off a misanthropic vibe and a negative attitude.  

If you do not attempt to change that antisocial behavior, you will encounter many other problems during your study journey. It may be harder to adapt to a new environment, working on group assignments and projects and others may even dislike you. University days are important to build new friendships and build networking. 

You are Overly Social

Being overly social might bring you even more issues than being antisocial, especially if you associate with people who have a negative influence on you.

While being away from your family may make it simpler to do anything you want, most students misuse or abuse their freedom to the point of ruining their lives. No doubt, the tendency to be adventurous with new friends at a new place is higher, but remember to be careful. You can make memories by visiting places during the weekend, but refrain from going out with friends that are of bad influence. 

Our advice is to socialize in a positive manner, for example, participate in co -curricular activities, welfare programs and outdoor activities that are widely organized by universities. If you are involved in planning and organizing an event, that is even better as you get exposure to more responsibility. These experiences can be used to prepare yourself better after graduation. Here are  5 ways you can boost your employment prospects while studying at a university.  

Lazy to Get Up in the Morning

This is, without a doubt, the most common problem that most students will confront. While life at university may be a little more exhausting than at home as it requires you to do everything yourself, from laundry up to finding/making your own meals, most classes begin as early as 8 a.m. Many students are unable to resist the impulse to sleep until they are unable to attend class.\

To avoid this situation, you need to avoid pulling an all-nighter to complete assignments or to hang out with friends. You need to be disciplined and sleep early. 

This is because if you fail to attend lecture classes more than 3 times without a valid reason, you will be issued with a warning letter.  If you still fail to attend lectures after, you will be barred from sitting for the examination. 

To make matters worse, if you are under sponsorship or loan, you can't afford to extend semesters without a proper justification. 

Lazy in Completing Assignments

If you failed to complete your school work, you might be scolded by the teacher, however in universities, the lecturer will not hesitate to fail you. 

If you are lazy or a procrastinator in completing your assignments, you have to change your behavior or you will have to face various consequences. 

For your information, assignments also known as subject coursework are usually the division of total marks (60% examination, 40% assignment) or (50% examination, 50% assignment) or (40% examination, 60% assignment). The passing mark most of the time is 50% which is a grade C. If you obtain a C- , you are considered failed. 

The allocation of the marks actually depends on the respective lecturers. For each subject, the distribution of marks is different. Even if the breakdown is 60% exam marks and 40% assignment, can you afford to take your assignment for granted and score 50/60% in your exam? The decision to fail or pass rests with the lecturer. If you simply rely on your exams, there is a high chance you will not be able to graduate. 


Ever heard of plagiarism? Plagiarism or simply copying the answers or work of others is considered stealing of intellectual property. In universities, lecturers will not turn a blind eye to issues like this, unlike teachers at school. 

It is unacceptable at universities and you may even be expelled or kicked out of the university/college if caught plagiarizing. The issue of plagiarism is not uncommon because even at the level of top academics, there are cases where doctor of philosophy (PhD) certificates were revoked due to plagiarism.  In case you want to use someone else's work, you must give credits or include references. 


Finally, we hope that this article helped you realize and take note of the things that can cause you to fail in IPT later. Hope this partnership helps. In addition, you can also refer to this article:  Preparation Tips before Enrolling in a University That You Must Know

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