7 Educational TikToks That Will Help You With Your Studies

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 22, 2021, 12:01 pm

By now, we are all familiar with TikTok and its ability to kill hours of our time. And whether you made an account “because everyone else did”, “because quarantine made me do it”, or because you’re trying your luck at going viral, there is actually so much more to the app than meets the eye.

There are so many creators on TikTok that make educational videos on various topics in order to help students with their studies and some of them are even from right here in Malaysia! So, next time you need to learn something for school or university why not make a little more fun by watching a TikTok about it? Here are 9 Educational TikTok creators to keep in mind the next time you may need it.

1. Math: @cikgudebbie

Not everyone loves doing math or even learning it, but Cikgu Debbie has got that covered. Her step by step videos are here to help you learn how to solve all those head-scratching questions. Plus, you can ask her questions on a problem that you’re stuggling with and she gives online math tuition for PT3 and SPM!

Math Cikgu Debbie

2. Science: @cikguhailmi

Need help with your science work or learning all the elements on the periodic table? Not to worry, Cikgu Hailmi is here to help you and answer all your problems!

Science Cikgu Hailmi

3. English: @knoxstudy

Struggling between when to use “effect” and “affect” or just need to brush up on your use of syntax? Then Laurie Knox will help you with all your worries!

English Laurie Knox

4. Psychology: @drjuliesmith

If you are starting university soon and you’re going to be studying psychology then why not get a head start with your learning and get some useful notes from psychologist Dr. Julie Smith? She also has some really interesting and fun videos about everyday life just to help get you through the day!

Dr. Julie Smith Psychologist

5. Biology: @iqbalahyar

Yes, we went over science already but Iqbal Ahyar will help you with all your biology needs. So, whether you need it for school or you need to brush up on your biology in university, be sure to give his page a visit!

Iqbal Ahyar Biology

6. Higher Education: @timeshigheredstudent

Done with school and considering studying abroad? Well, the Times Higher Education TikTok page has so much information for you from applying for a Visa to tips for college application essays.

Times Higher Education

7. World Knowledge: @discovery

We’ve all heard of the discovery channel, but now they’re bringing their interesting and wild facts to TikTok. Trust me, some of the things you’ll learn on their page may surprise you!


Bonus: @billnye

We couldn’t make a list of educational TikToks without including Bill Nye the Science Guy! Whether you just remember him from science class in school or you want to learn something interesting, he’s got it all!

Bill Nye

So, there you have it! Next time, while endlessly scrolling through dance videos, maybe hop onto one of these pages and maybe you’ll learn something new or you’ll find something to help you with you school/university work.

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