6 reasons Art Stream students are the best!

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 23, 2016, 12:41 pm

We can't escape Art in our every day life, so why do people look down on Art Stream students?

michelle obama in favour of arts and humanities

Arts and humanities are seen as a vehicle or an important tool in the development of a nation state as it encourages a creative and critical thinking community.

We're here to tell you why you should be proud and look forward to being an Arts Stream student!

1. Many course choices in universities

diverse arts and humanities courses

Art and humanities is a good choice because there are many options for you to choose in higher education, especially when studying abroad and at a postgraduate level.

This is because most of the faculty in universities regardless whether it is language, humanities, economics, and even law has many fragments of what you learn during school as an Art Stream student.

Human Resource Management graduates are also currently in demand and is an Arts Stream student's popular subject choice to study.

2. Best for slow-learners

slow learners are adorable

Before you get angry at that sub-header, a slow-learner means you take your time to understand the subject matter which in turn makes you remember facts better.

Although memorization is a skill shared by many Art stream students, people tend to forget that there is a lot of thought, comprehension and analysis that goes through your learning process.

Most students who are successful in this field are those who know how to compose well-thought ideas which contribute to high marks in your exams.

3. Cheaper cost and shorter duration of study

time is money

The average cost of arts and humanity courses are much lower than science, even if you choose to study at private institutions.

Popular courses among Science stream students such as Medicine and Engineering can cost up to RM 300,000 for a 5 year period of studying.

The usual tuition fee for Arts and Stream courses in a private university are considerably cheaper at maximum RM 60,000 per 3 academic years.

4. Reference materials available in mother tongue

art is a universal language

Art is a universal language, and unlike Science courses which are mainly taught in English, Arts and Humanities students have no problem to source textbooks or research materials in languages used around the world.

Arts and Humanities students have the advantage of using the language they are most comfortable with to study and excel academically.

However, that is not to say you should neglect your MUET as there are also courses which will require you to be excellent in English such as economics, business, psychology and law.

5. Out-of-the-box career opportunity awaits

out of the box jobs

Like Science stream, arts and humanities graduates can also be found working in diverse fields.

Art stream SPM candidates do not necessarily need to apply for jobs related to literature and culture.

You can focus on commerce, law, psychology, and counseling; taking general studies and history also increase your chances of being accepted into the legal field when applying for university.

6. You're the boss!

woman boss

People might say that Science Stream students get better pay than Arts stream graduates, but don't listen to them.

Due to the balance of having a good memory and analytical thinking skills, most Art Stream students go on to work at administration and management positions of even science-based industries.

You might find yourself being the boss of a doctor, engineer or even a scientist one day! If you decide to become a politician, you can even be Prime Minister one day.

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