6 cool reasons why you should become a digital marketing manager

Published by on May 19, 2015, 04:25 pm

Becoming a Digital Marketing Managers is a career you wouldn't want to miss. It is now touted as the hootest career in the marketing field in 2015 and beyond. In fact, businesses without dedicated digital marketing campaigns are behind and will quickly become obsolete. Demand for digital marketing managers is supported by increasing need to promote goods and services online.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider becoming a Digital Marketing Manager:

1. Earn a better salary


In 2015, marketing heads are expected to earn one of the highest salary increase.  The monthly salary range for marketing & sales heads in Malaysia is RM12,000  to RM25,000, according to Kelly Services.

2. You won't get suspended for opening up your Facebook

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Social media knowledge is one of the desirable skills one must have to be a digital marketing manager. These professionals need to be completely up-to-date with emerging technologies and this includes online campaigns and social media. Taking a hands-on approach is essential as this allows them to utilise technologies and develop confident copy for websites and campaigns.

3. The job market is not yet saturated

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Employers also admit that they find most applicants lack related work experience. In a survey, 43% and 30% of agencies, respectively believe there's a gap in finding talents that specialise in mobile marketing and analytics. Email marketing, content marketing and social media are the following desirable skills most agencies find difficult to find in candidates.

4. It's a profession that allows you to work creatively


A good digital marketing manager must be creative. It's necessary when coming up with great new ways to promote a product, whether it’s a #hashtag campaign on Twitter or a fantastic online competition to create the next viral meme.

5. You can work anywhere, any time


Because there's no standard certification or license, aspiring digital marketing managers can find themselves employable by every industry imaginable. High-tech companies who hire digital professionals are less likely to be the traditional companies that follow 9-to-5 job. It's a profession ideal for people who plan to work overseas and can also be a good choice for those who wish to do freelance work/telecommuting.

6. Become the change you want to see


Not all digital marketing roles have to do about sales. Some digital marketers get to work for charitable organisations, helping to boost their online presence and get more donations or volunteers.

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