5 Ways to Boost Your Employment Prospects While Studying at University

Published by Afterschool.my on May 11, 2021, 03:40 pm

Students often think that they will be instantly employed once they collect their degree scroll and transcripts.  But here is an ugly truth, it is never an easy task to secure a job even upon graduation. Having a degree under your belt is just the start of it. Most graduates have to send in thousands of applications before they can finally land a job that matches their qualification. Hence, it is best that you get prepared earlier on especially when you are still at university. Here are 5 tips to improve your chances of getting employed.

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1. Join Extracurricular Activities

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If you are studying in a university, you will know that it is a lot different than schools. YES! It has hundreds of clubs and societies that you can join as opposed to schools that have limited choices of clubs and societies. From clubs that allow you to learn languages to picking up new skills be it arts or regular sports, joining extracurricular activities portrays you as a person who is an active participant and shows that you have a proper balance of academic and life outside the classroom. Most importantly, joining extracurricular activities allows you to acquire transferable skills that you can utilize in future when you start working.

2. Take on Volunteer Work

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While at university, you will get plenty of opportunities to volunteer. What makes it extremely advantageous for you is that you can easily register for this lifetime experience without facing competition from thousand other applicants. You can take on various volunteering work including for not-profit organizations. To give an example, if you are pursuing a career in teaching, you can volunteer to teach orphans or underprivileged children. Not only do you acquire relevant experience, you also get the satisfaction and fulfillment of helping others. It also shows potential employers of your passion for the field. In addition, you will get to meet new people and build networks.

3. Create a Portfolio

If you are thinking of getting into a creative industry, for instance fashion design, graphic design or even content writing, the first thing that employers would want to see is a portfolio of your previous work. Therefore, it is always best that you gather all your assignments or your work into a portfolio that illustrates your competence and skills. Not only does it show how well organized you are, it also serves as an evidence to your ability to work in a particular field you are interested in! Likewise, you can start a blog to express your thoughts and use it as a platform to express your voice. It allows prospective employers to understand you better as an individual.

4. Create a CV

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One of the biggest mistakes students make is not preparing a resume or CV beforehand. Even if you have one and it has not been updated for some time, it is understandable especially if you are a student. But remember, to increase your chances of securing a job right after you complete your studies, you need to prepare a CV while you are still in university. This will allow you to refine and review your CV several times until you are truly satisfied before you send it out during job applications. Preparing in advance also allows you to include all your achievements without missing out any. In addition, you can also create a Linked In account, which is similar to an online CV. It allows you to connect with others and for potential employers to discover your profile.

5. Consider Getting a Part Time Job

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If you are quite sure of what you want to do for a job after completion of your studies, you can look for relevant experience in that particular field. However, if you are not sure of what you want to do for a job, you can still experience working even if it is in a local coffee shop or grocery store. Regardless of where you work for a part time job, you are going to learn some very important skills such as communication skills, how to please your customers, how to solve problems when dealing with difficult situations and so forth. You will get a taste of what it's like to work and employers also prefer those who have had working experience as it demonstrates an individual’s credibility and reliability to a great extent.

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