5 Unique Jobs You Can Get with an Engineering Degree

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 18, 2021, 06:03 pm

Many students have an interest in the field of engineering. Whether it is to become a computer engineer, civil engineer, or industrial engineer. There is no doubt that the field of engineering is still one of the most popular. This is due to the vast nature of the field that allows students to have a job in a variety of specializations. While engineering definitely has it set career paths that guarantee new recruits a stable job with probability of growth, there are also jobs that provide new and unique experiences.

When it comes to engineering, we’ve all most definitely heard of the more common jobs it has to offer. These jobs include; structural engineer, nuclear engineer, electrical engineer, aerospace engineer, and the list goes on. However, there are many lesser known, unique career paths that you can take with an engineering degree as well. These jobs will not only prove to require a lot of hard work and dedication but will also be something that combines engineering with any other interest you may have.                   

These jobs are not only becoming more popular locally but also globally. Recent engineering graduates can earn up to $61,457 annually in Saudi Arabia, for example. Naturally, however, a job is not all about how much you’re earning but it is about enjoyment too. Mixing your passion in your career path will ensure that whatever job you get is something that you will love doing for a long time. So why not become a professional engineer with one of these five unique career specializations in mind?

1. Formula One Racing Engineer

Ever watched a Formula One race on TV and been fascinated by the communication happening between the racing engineers in the pits and drivers?  Well, they are actually some of the most important people in the race. In a way, they are like the driver’s right hand men. They are the ones who decide what is needed to improve speed efficiency. Plus, they give drivers the feedback and advice they need to excel. And all this engineering work calls for those with degrees in electrical, software, or mechanical engineering.

2. Social Media Product Manager


Finally, a job that will ensure you’re on social media all day! Social media product managers are the ones in charge of coming up with new project ideas and finding ways to make them technically feasible.

This could mean working on news feed algorithms or even testing virtual reality headsets. Recently, social media product managers at Facebook have been in charge of working on and testing Facebook’s virtual reality headsets. This job ties in with various sections of engineering including and most importantly, software engineering.

3. Robot Designer 

Robots are becoming more and more prevalent these days and are in almost every area of life. So, it may be interesting to have a hand in designing and producing them. A robot designer will need to have vast knowledge of design, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Plus, if you’re one to think out of the box, then this is the job for you. The be fully prepared for the job, a bachelor of engineering focusing on either electrical, software, or mechanical engineering will be very helpful.

4. Professional Hacker 

Before you say anything, no this is not in an illegal job in any way. Believe it or not, in the past few years there has been a growing demand for ethical hackers. These hackers help to protect organizations, governments, and corporations from cyber-attacks. They are also responsible for identifying any security flaws, anticipating attacks, and fixing any vulnerabilities.

If you’re wondering how this ties into engineering, well professional hackers are usually IT pros with a degree in software engineering. They are also individuals with vast knowledge of shell scripting, coding languages, and web application architecture. Plus, could you image telling people you hack for a living?

5. Digital Fabrication Engineer and Specialist

If you have a knack for 3D printing and design and development, then this will definitely be your dream job. You’ll need to have vast knowledge on computer science and computer aided software life Fusion 360, Rhino, or Solidworks. Additionally, a solid analytical and problem-solving skills background is a definite plus. To kick start this career you’d need a degree in mechanical or architectural engineering from a reputable university.

Now, these aren’t the only unique jobs that you can get with an engineering degree. They are however, the top 5 that are most in demand now and in the coming years. Some other jobs that an engineering degree can get you include a sustainable architect, which requires a degree in architectural engineering.

There is also artificial intelligence engineer and specialist. This deals with working closely and analyzing intelligent machines, and requires a degree in either electrical or software engineering. In addition to these, there is also data engineer, Internet of Things (IoT) solution architect, and mobile applications developer. Needless to say, there many new and high in-demand unique jobs that an engineering degree can get you. 

So, there they are, the 5 most unique jobs, plus some extras, that you can get with an engineering degree. These are the some of the best careers to get a start in now as they are the ones that will slowly become more and more popular among graduates in the coming years. Did any of them grasp your attention?

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