5 Things Only SPM Pure Science Students Understand

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 03, 2020, 04:47 pm

Remember the time where SPM sounded like the biggest challenge in the world? From choosing streams to finding the best tuition class in town, SPM candidates really went an extra mile trying to prepare themselves for the biggest thing in their life (or at least they thought so, until they entered universities and colleges). Getting into pure science was one of the badges that students wore with pride. However, is being a SPM pure science student as glorious as it looks? Here are 5 things that perhaps SPM Pure Science Students could relate.

#1 Some of you were not even interested in science.

Some of you were not even interested in science. You wanted to do accounting or business-related courses. You wanted to create art. You wanted to learn about sports science. However, your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/teacher/counsellor/cat urged you to go for science stream because of the impression that ‘science students have more options in the future’. You could not resist the pressure and you made your decision to pursue pure science in SPM.

#2 You pride yourself on your subjects when your makcik/pakcik ask you what you are studying.

You may not be interested in the subjects that you are studying. However, whenever your relatives ask you about your PMR/PT3 results and what stream you are pursuing, you find yourself answer ‘pure science’ with pride. Oh well, we just can’t help ourselves. Undeniable, there is indeed a special (but undeserving) treatment for SPM pure science students as they are generally viewed as the smart ones.


#3 The truth is you are struggling.

 Sometimes you just feel stupid in class, with all the unreadable formulas on the board and the unintelligible speech by your teacher. You zone out during the class and then regret for zoning out because now you are lost. In the exams, especially Additional Mathematics, you often feel like you are on the edge of failing. You might have also gotten the first ‘fail’ in your life thanks to the challenging subjects.


#4 You think about switching to art stream from time to time.

You often wonder if you should switch to art stream as soon as possible. You often question if you are going to pursue science fields in the future. And yet, you fail to take a leap of faith and ditch the glorious shine of pure science and pursue art instead.

#5 Some of you do eventually pursue the STEM field. Bravo!

Of course, not all of the pure science students hate studying science. In fact, many of them enjoy it and eventually pursue the STEM field!

All in all, all fields have contributed much to our modern society. Which stream you are does not make you a better or a worse person. It is all about your passion and how much effort you are willing to put into your respective fields.

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