5 Reasons for Malaysians to Study Medicine in Indonesia

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 28, 2017, 12:13 pm

While the news regarding an oversupply of doctors in Malaysia continues to barrel around endlessly, it cannot be denied that it has had little effect in stymieing the desire of students to pursue what many consider to be the most noble of professions.While fresh graduate doctors do have to, admittedly, be patient for their posting, many start off with a salary that friends would stare at covetously (including benefits). Alongside having multiple perks, becoming a doctor has its rewards as they are on the receiving end of unbridled fulfilment from treating and curing others.A stumbling block for aspiring doctors looking for an institution to study is the exorbitant prices typically associated with medical degrees. In Malaysia, medical degrees cost around RM300,000 at the very least and the price only skyrockets from there. Many Malaysians do not dare peek at options outside the country as well, lest their degree not be recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).The country that may have the answer to our woes is Indonesia, which is an emergent beacon of hope for students who are looking for an affordable yet recognised medical institution. With hundreds having already graduated and proceeded to practice in Malaysia, and hundreds more waiting in the wings, we’ve come up with the top reasons why Malaysians should consider studying medicine in Indonesia. 

While your first few years of medical school will be spent mulling over the thick textbooks that only seem to thicken the farther along you are in your journey, those who make truly brilliant doctors are the ones who can translate and condense all that information when they face patients with actual faces and hearts that beat.There is no better training than experience. In Indonesia, students are given ample opportunities to learn as they go along, from the complex tasks of assisting in surgeries, anxiously handling childbirth on their own, to even lending a helping hand during mass circumcisions.Patients are also cooperative. They not only view medical students in such a good light, they also allow them to extract a comprehensive history and conduct a meticulous physical examination, which are very important for a proper diagnosis. If practice makes perfect, then Indonesia is about as close to perfection you can get. 

It goes without saying that institutions that are approved by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) have to maintain the highest of standards on a continuous basis. Why else would they allow prized sponsored students to undertake a course otherwise? In that respect, Indonesia is no slouch, being populated by a total of SEVEN institutions that have their medical degree programmes rubber-stamped by the JPA.On top of medicine, other allied health science courses such as dentistry, nursing and pharmacy supplement the former, all of them working symbiotically to create a truly well-rounded health education hub in the country. 

Having chosen medicine, you undoubtedly are already aware of the high cost no matter where you go. With that in mind, studying medicine in Indonesia is an affordable medical course you are going to come across, with tuition ranging from RM130,000 to RM260,000. When you add into the equation the almost identical cost of living for Indonesia and Malaysia, the former begins to stand out as a much cheaper option compared to any of the medical institutions in the latter. 

Being in a foreign land is always a difficult change for a person to undergo. With seemingly never-ending adaptations, from language to weather, arguably the most crucial aspect of it all boils down to the food. Burning the midnight oil will inevitably be a constant endeavour, and how would one hope to accomplish the feat without the proper sustenance to fuel the fire?Luckily, Malaysians who crave the spiciness of home will have nothing to fear, as Indonesia has dishes in abundance. While their styles and methods are different (More experience!), the end products are something Malaysians will take a liking to. An example? Why sambal of course. Indonesians hold their sambal in such high regard that there is even a restaurant that serves 16 different types!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Familiar with the saying? Even if you aren’t, everyone is aware that a break is necessary every now and then to recharge in between the barrage of exams and quizzes. There are about 20 beaches in Yogyakarta.An adrenaline junkie instead? The volcanoes will be erupting for you to visit. A more reflective or meditative soul? A lukewarm swim in a cave or the beautiful stars above should suffice nicely. Whatever your taste, Indonesia certainly has the locations to adequately cater for it. The five reasons above only scratch the surface of a country that holds infinitely more opportunities for students from Malaysia. With the quality of education on offer upheld by their medical schools and a plethora of scenic sights and sounds to experience, Indonesia truly does offer a complete package.Medic Pro Link is a student placement agency that was established in 2004 and, since then, has collected numerous accolades which include being appointed the official representative in Malaysia by a number of medical universities. With wide ranging services that include entrance exam coaching classesdocumentation handling assistance (NOC, visa, offer letters, etc.), overseas accommodation arrangements and many more, it’s no wonder Medic Pro Link has been effective at facilitating student’s dreams for more than a decade.________________________________________________________________________________If you’re even remotely interesteddo click here for assistance in any way, shape or form. The experienced people over at Medic Pro Link can facilitate your medical, dental, pharmaceutical or veterinary journey through Indonesia, from your very first steps in obtaining enrolment, to your final few descending the stage having received your hallowed degree.
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