5 Jobs You Can Pursue With An Accounting Degree

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 05, 2021, 02:34 pm

Instead of counting your days, you should make your days count. One of the ways you can do that is by building a fulfilling, lucrative career. One particular profession that has been on the rise in demand is Accounting. Accounting is arguably the language of Business as accountants are responsible for overseeing and maximising the company’s profits. It is no wonder that an accounting degree is one of the most popular sought-after courses for millions of students.

You will also be pleased to know that a career as an accountant is filled with options since various different industries and businesses are always looking for accounting graduates with impeccable accounting skills. Here are just a few examples of accounting careers you can potentially specialise in:

1. Forensic AccountantForensic Accountant

The term forensic is commonly used to describe an investigation of murder. But what does a forensic accountant do? As a forensic accountant, you will be investigating whether corporate firms are partaking in financial reporting misconduct. You will be involved in analysing, decoding, and outlining complex financial and business records. Forensic Accountants often find themselves employed by insurance companies, banks, government agencies and public accounting firms.

2. Government AccountantGovernment Accountant

If patriotism is something you hold dear to your heart then this is the occupation for you! You will have the pleasure to work in all branches of government, including local, state and federal. Your job role involves managing public funds, investigating white-collar crimes and performing system audits. Most importantly, is it a rewarding job with excellent benefits and you will also get ample of opportunity for career advancements.

3. Management AccountantManagement Accountant

Also known as Cost/Staff/Industrial Accountant, this job position involves assisting companies in managing and utlilizng their budget, usually by analyzing data, predicting cash flows, examining the rate of returns and presenting this information to the executive management. Management Accountants may also find themselves supervising entry-level accountants. Overall, you will find yourself being both a mentor and facilitator in the company’s financial decisions.

4. Investment Accountant

Investment Accountant

If you are someone who relishes in the process of generating profits and success, then being an Investment accountant is your calling. You will be working in brokerage and asset management firms, providing financial strategies, compiling tax reports and investment accounts. You will also be expected to manage investments for clients and provide financial consultations. Everything you touch turns to gold!

5. Project AccountantProject Accountant

As a project accountant, you will be responsible for overseeing the company’s projects. This involves presenting regular reports of the project’s financial results to the management and making sure the project billings are charged to the clients and payment is collected. Project accountants are commonly hired by engineering firms and construction companies but they are also sought after by the government, other private businesses, non-profit organisations and educational institutions. Your lifetime project as an accountant is limitless!

All of the following jobs require exceptional analytical skills, financial and business insights, along with a proficient knowledge of state and federal regulations, taxes and business codes. Thus, it is recommended that you obtain an accounting degree. If you are considering to enrol yourself in a prestigious university notable for its accounting course, Multimedia University (MMU) offers a distinguished four-year Bachelor degrees in Accounting programme that will equip you to make different, hard, calculated financial decisions. The accounting programme offered by Multimedia University (MMU) covers a comprehensive list of modules that accounting students can choose to train in (e.g internal auditing, tax compliance, credit management, public sector accounting, professional ethics). For more information on the Accounting degree program at Multimedia University (MMU) as well as entry requirements, click here.

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