5 Crazy Ways to Get You in the Study Mood for SPM

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 24, 2022, 09:57 am

While SPM may be around the corner, trying to pick up a book and sitting down to study can be really difficult to do. However, did you know that studying doesn't have to be the tedious chore that most students make it seem? Sure, studying can be really dull and can easily make you sleep, but that's because you're not doing it right. Yes, there are incorrect methods to study, and you might have been doing it the wrong way for most of it. Not to worry, though, here are 5 crazy ways for you to get you back in your study mode, just in time for that final exam.

1. Study Standing Up

Standing Up

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Yes, we know. Pretty weird tip, right? You were warned that this list would be weird, though, which is only just the beginning. Try it out the next time you're studying. Instead of sitting down at the table to study, or even worse, laying down on your bed, pick up the book in both hands and walk up and down the room. Your blood will be flowing better, allowing your brain juice to keep flowing for much longer. Are you still unconvinced? Try it out for like 5 minutes, and we can almost guarantee you that you won't study the same way again.

2. Listen to Study Music


Did you know that Spotify has a specific genre of music labelled 'Study'? While listening to your favourite artists like Beyonce or Kendrick Lamar might make you think you're making good progress in your studying, most of the time, that's just your brain tricking you into thinking you are. Slower, more relaxing music with lower beats per minute (BPM) is always better to help students concentrate on what's in front of them. Here are some of our favourite study playlists to help you study:

Instrumental Study


Just Focus


Intense Studying


3. Dance or Sing During Breaks


A sure-fire recipe for a failed study session? Unproductive and time-wasting breaks. Many students have been guilty of not wisely using their precious minutes of break. Try playing just one song to get your mood back up again instead of breaking down into tears and thinking of your impending doom. Try loading up a short comedy skit from your favourite YouTube channel if that's not your thing. Remember to stick to videos under 5 minutes because students tend to get carried away when it comes to this stuff. Remember, it's your study mood we're trying to keep up here.

4. Smile Like a Psycho While You Study


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Every student gets pooped after a couple of hours of studying. It's only reasonable. You could be tired, worried, hungry or feeling some other feeling that's not so good. But do you know what could make it better? Smiling from ear to ear. Just smile so wide that the people around you could be worried that you turned into a psycho. The smiling technique is based on a theory coined by Charles Darwin, which has proven that time and time again in many studies: smiling helps boost one's mood and should help you in whatever you are doing!

5. Work It


This advice should be simple enough. Keep on continuing your work on your studying and working on your workbooks. Oftentimes, when exams are close, you have already studied enough. So the best thing you can do now is practice, practice and keep on practising. Keep practising those maths problems and practising your essay writing to perfect the form of your answers. Continue buying and finishing as many workbooks as you can, and if it's getting too expensive, how about downloading our revision guide absolutely for free! Besides that, we have SPM trial papers from different states too. Be sure to study properly so that you can answer them well and hopefully ace those exams when you do those exams!

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