5 Crazy Ways to Get You in the Study Mood for SPM

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 22, 2021, 09:57 am

While SPM may be close, actually sitting down and opening a book to study can be extremely difficult. Did you know however that studying doesn’t have to be the snooze fest most students make it out to be? Sure, studying can be boring and sleep-inducing, but that’s just because you’re doing it wrong. That’s right, there are wrong ways to study, and you may just have been guilty of it. Don’t worry though, here are 5 crazy ways to get your study mode back on, and just in time for that final exam.

1. Study Standing Up

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Yeah, we know. Weird, right?  You were forewarned that this list would be weird though, and this is just the beginning. The next time you’re studying, however, instead of sitting down at your study table, or fatally, lying down on your bed (gasps!), stand up, clasp your book in both hands, and pace up and down. The blood will be flowing that bit better, giving your brain juice to keep chugging that much longer. Sill not convinced? Try it for 5 minutes, and we can almost guarantee you’ll never study the same way again.

2. Listen to Study Music

Did you know that Spotify actually has a genre of tunes titled ‘Study’? While listening to Linkin Park and Flo Rida may make you think you’re getting your study on, more often than not, that’s your brain just fooling you into thinking you are. Slower, more soothing music with less familiar lyrics is always better to help students concentrate on what’s in front of them. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Instrumental Study


Just Focus


Intense Studying


3. Dance or Sing During Breaks

A sure recipe for a doomed study session? Uneventful, unproductive breaks. Many a student have been guilty of never properly utilising this precious few minutes of relief. Instead of sitting down curled in a ball ready to cry and roll to your doom, play ONE song you love to get your mood rocking again. Not your thing? Then have a short comedy skit from your favourite comic locked and loaded on YouTube. Just make sure you stick to anything under 5 minutes, as students tend to get carried away. Remember, it’s your study mode we’re trying to keep turned on.

4. Smile Like a Psycho While You Study

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Every student grows weary after a couple of hours. It’s only natural. You’re tired, worried, hungry, or perhaps a God-awful combination of the three we’ve horribly termed torrungry. Do you know what you should do? Smile, from ear-to-ear, so widely that if your mum were to walk by, she’d probably begin to pray thinking you’ve gone mad. This is based on a theory that was coined by Charles Darwin himself, one that has been proven time and again in numerous studies: smiling helps boost one’s mood, and helps in whatever you’re doing!

5. Work It

No no, we don’t mean that Missy Eliot hit from the early 2000s (Although if you want to dance to that during your study break, go right ahead). What we mean is you must keep working on your workbooks. When exams draw close, oftentimes you’ve studied enough. So, the best thing to now do, is practice, practice and more practice. Purchase and finish all the workbooks you can, and if it’s becoming too expensive, we’ve got good news for you, if you’re a form 5 student that is. You can download our SPM Revision Guide for totally free by clicking here! On top of that, we’ve got SPM Trial Papers from various states included. So, what are you waiting for!

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