20 Money Making Skills to Learn if You Want to Earn Big Money Without a Degree in 2022

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 11, 2021, 07:30 am

Thanks to the internet, you can now find jobs that don’t really require a degree yet still survive. In fact, there are certain skills that anyone can learn from the internet that pay good money. The interesting thing is that these skills can open employment doors to those who possess them. So, if you think that a degree is hard or you want to pursue something that might not have an employment value, you must learn different skills. The amazing thing about these skills is the fact that you can use them to create a business and be the employer and you will hire people instead of waiting to get hired.

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Most people would think that in order to get a good job and be successful, you must have a university degree first. However, more often than not, these people who obtain their university degrees don’t seem to be doing any better than those who did not get their university degree and immediately started working after finishing school. In fact, many of those that people consider to be really successful, dropped out of university! Just look at Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who both dropped out of Harvard and become multi-millionaires by starting up their own companies. In short, just because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. You just have to learn the right skills and use them to make yourself earn the most money you can.

Earning money without a degree might seem difficult due to you not having the right qualifications and certifications that high profile jobs and employers want to see in your CV. However, it’s actually much easier to make money without a degree than it sounds. There are a lot of unskilled labor jobs you can do to make money. Also, with the right set of skills, you might be able to use those skills to make yourself earn money through the right means and people. There is always a need for people with a certain set of skills, and these people can get paid really well for their skills. So, let’s dive right into what you can possibly learn on your own.

Top 20 Skills to Earn Money:

1. Programming (Basic to Advance Coding)

If you want to learn programming languages, JavaScript and Python are the examples that are the easiest for beginners

The internet is full of programming resources and lessons on various websites like Khan Academy, YouTube, Lynda.com and many other platforms. You can learn these skills for free and you can buy certain courses that have more sophisticated teaching methods and exercises. The lessons you buy usually offer help from the instructors, so they are worthy of the investment.

You can learn to build software and solutions for various user problems. You can build a solution that would benefit other businesses and sell it. You can also develop tools to improve existing software.

Potential monthly income: RM2,500 – RM7,000.

2. Web Development

A web developer creates programmes and applications for the World Wide Web

When we speak about web development, we tend to mistakenly think it is website development. It’s so much more than just creating a website. It means creating online solutions, maintaining websites, security testing and web based applications. By learning this specific skill, you could get hired by tech companies or even marketing companies that help with website development to create websites for people who need them.

Potential monthly income: RM2,500 – RM6,000

3. Mobile App Development

With more and more people using smartphones and digital technology continues to develop, companies would need to hire more mobile app developers

The future is all about smart phones. This skill is closely related to the two above, but it has become a market by itself. There are various mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Each has a specific development requirement and kit suite. However, when you start tapping into the true power of app development and web development for mobile devices, the potentials are limitless and you can make magic into reality.

Potential monthly income: RM3,000 – RM10,000

4. Digital Marketing

Now, it’s getting easier to start businesses just by using social media such as Instagram and Facebook to promote products. That’s what digital marketing is used for

We have all known that ads come in different formats and on different platforms. However, ads on the internet have taken a life of their own. There are many platforms to explore. Obviously, Google is a massive digital marketing platform because it’s one of the most powerful companies on the internet. Google owns YouTube and numerous other big websites. There is also Facebook and its own marketing packages, and the case is the same for the rest of social media.

Explore the world of online marketing and you will have huge doors opening for you.

Potential monthly income: RM3,000 – RM8,500

5. Graphic Design

Being a graphic designer is not the same with a traditional artist. Instead of creating images with pen and paper, they use different software to create them

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw and so many other programmes would allow you to learn and sharpen your skills as a designer and earn big money. There is no limit to what a designer can do. You could be hired to design illustrations and concept art for various companies including video game companies. With this skill, you will be able to create various art for people who need art for specific purposes.

Potential monthly income: RM1,500 – RM4,000

6. Real Estate Investment

This kind of skill requires you to have excellent skills in persuasion and a good knowledge of the property market

This requires excellent communication skills to complement it. You can be a real estate agent, you can play around with the property market and make good money. Professionals need to take an exam here in Malaysia to get certified. By being a real estate agent, you would have access to specific knowledge about properties that not a lot of people know about. You could eventually make a career in real estate as well.

Potential monthly income: RM2,500 – RM17,000

7. Foreign Currency Exchange Trading (FOREX)

Understanding FOREX is one thing but once you’re able to grasp it, it would be a very good skill especially if you’re thinking of having a big business

It is a real skill to be able to read the foreign currency exchange market, analyse the numbers, produce good speculations and place various orders. It is not something that you should take lightly. It also requires other complementary skills like analytical skills and the ability to follow political news and business updates. However, this kind of skill requires a start-up capital.

Potential monthly income in USD: $1,000 – $4,100

8. Video Game Testing

Are you an avid player of the Final Fantasy games, Street Fighter or even FIFA?  Then being a video game tester could be your dream job!

If you like to play video games and put hours of your day into playing a video game, you develop a skill that would allow you to understand a video game better than others. Things like the game’s story line and narrative, characters, graphic effects, play experience, technique, special tricks and so much more.

Game testing is real hard work. Testers spend at least 8 hours a day for 3 – 4 months continuously, earning about $8 – $10 an hour.

Potential monthly income in USD: $1,200 – $3,750

9. Creative Writing

Ever aspired to be a writer like J.K Rowling or William Shakespeare? Other than writing fiction, you can work in different fields such as in scriptwriting and public relations

Writing is a skill that can pay very well. If you are good at it, you can write novels, screen plays, and other works. You can be a journalist, a columnist, a contributor to various newspapers, and online and traditional media.

As a published author, you can earn well in royalties and contributions, and based on book sales.

Potential monthly income: RM2,500 – RM100,000

10. Videography and Cinematography

It may seem easy to simply shoot videos from your iPhone but it’s not. There’s a lot to learn from composition, lighting and even duration plays a lot of importance too

Making and editing videos is one heck of a skill. It requires knowledge of a number of editing softwares like Adobe Premier, After Effects, knowledge in cameras and related equipment. Of course, there are many platforms to earn from, like YouTube. If you keep improving in this skill or keep doing this, you may be able to work as a filmmaker or even get to produce short movies and TV dramas. By working on large scale projects like films, you would be paid a lot more than usual.

Potential monthly income: RM3,500 – RM450,000

11. Social Media

A lot of young people use social media as a form of communication. Skills in managing content in social media is needed by a lot of companies

Visibility on social media requires skills in creating content and developing ideas and various concepts. This is an emerging skill that is a real source of good income. By managing social media accounts for various different companies, you would have to ensure that the company’s social media presence is positively viewed by people online, and ensure that the social media account has a lot of engagement.

Potential monthly income: RM3,000 – RM4,500

12. Internet Research

Have you ever tried to search for something from the Internet but can’t find it for hours? The good thing is, we need researchers who know where to find them quickly

We spend at least 2 hours daily on the internet searching for different things, but there are people who can find information lurking in the hidden corners of the internet. These are very valuable skills that allow individuals to monetise it and turn it into a business. With this skill, you can offer people your service of searching for basically anything people want you to search. It could be something simple or it could be something that is really hard for regular people to find, so they hire you to search it for them.

Potential monthly income in USD: $2,500 – $4,300

13. Podcasting and Alternative Media

Who knew that you can earn a living out of making videos? Famous YouTubers such as Harvinth Skin and Harvinth Skin has made it happen – Image via Nicolas Solop

This is the main competitor to main stream media (including television, radio and newspapers). It is a skill that has to do with developing quality content that attract listeners and viewers.

Podcasters can earn very well, depending on the number of their listeners. It takes dedication, hard work and lots of patience to earn big money.

Potential monthly income in USD: $1,000 – $5,000

Top tier podcasters can earn up to $50,000 per episode.

14. Maintenance and Repairs (computer, cars, machines, home)

We need people who know how to fix things. Not only does it benefits others but it will help us as well

Fixing things is a skill that will ultimately pay very well. However, this kind of skill varies. One can learn computer repairs, car repairs, machines repairs and home appliances repairs. Income may vary depending on what you repair and how many items you can repair per day.

Potential monthly income: RM2,300 – RM5,200

15. Carpentry and Decoration

If you have a passion of carpentry, your skills could be needed in IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant

Carpentry is one of those skills that allow you to have your own business. It is much bigger than what you think. Traditional carpentry isn’t enough these days. Complementary skills may include conceptual design, computer design, and a keen sense of space.

16. Fashion Design, Tailoring and Knitting

So many new fashion designers are selling their products on social media. It’s the fastest and easiest way to reach to customers without so much cost

Fashion design is a skill closely related to tailoring and knitting where the designer can make his or her creation into a reality. Creativity, practicality and artistic vision allow designers to start their own business, partner with well-known brands and lesser-known brands. Fashion designers can use their names to label their clothing line. It doesn’t stop at making clothes, it extends to making accessories and anything related.

Potential monthly income: RM2,300 – RM8,600

17. Farming and Gardening

Growing your own fruits and vegetables saves you a lot of money and time from doing grocery shopping. However, there is still a lot of work to be done

An essential survival skill that would save the skill owner lots of money and allows the owner to reap the fruits of their labour, literally. The Malaysian government has financial aids to help young Malaysians who plan on starting their own farming business. These aids extend beyond just the financial aspect and include tools and equipment, seeds, fertilisers, land and more.

There is also urban farming which is gaining popularity in Malaysia. It is basically all about growing your own crops in the city.

Farmers will gain huge benefits. The Malaysian government wants to encourage more people to be in this line of work.

Potential monthly income (vary based on state): RM2,000 – RM4,000

18. Photography

Taking photos on your Smartphone does not make you a professional photographer, even if you have many likes. Professional photographers use DSLR cameras for work.

Photography is a very common skill among many people. It requires long hours of practice and it comes with complementary skills like Photoshop and other photo editing softwares. A skilled photographer can earn well in Malaysia.

Photographers can be hired for weddings, corporate events, and private events and can even sell their images as stock photos on various websites.

Potential monthly income: RM1,600 – RM3,500.

19. Language and Translation

Translators are in demand in countries where the majority of the population are not fluent in English, especially in Japan and Thailand

It is very possible to learn a language on your own or with a language centre. If you speak a language really well and possess professional skills, you can do translations and editing. These translations could be for television shows and movies where translated subtitles are needed for people who want to watch the show or movie but don't understand the original audio of the show or movie. You could also work as a translator or interpreter for tourists or politicians who travel abroad and need translators to translate various things for them.

Potential monthly income: RM2,000 – RM5,100

20. Stage Performing and Acting

One of the popular venues for performances in this field is the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) and Istana Negara

This field is very difficult to get into. One would have to spend a lot of time and effort to build their skills, body language, facial expressions, and more. If one gets really good at it, they can be famous and that means good pay from doing plays, advertisements, movies and more. Payment is usually by projects. Small projects don’t pay much, but big projects can pay millions. Don’t forget about product endorsement.

Potential monthly income: RM1,500 – RM50,000

After choosing the Best skills to earn money start learning to improve the skills before starting the work.

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