13 Areas of Study with High Job Prospects

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 24, 2021, 10:27 am

There’s no fun in studying something without knowing the future career potential of it. Sometimes you luck out and find out that there is a world of opportunities with what you’ve studied and other times you may not be too lucky. Recently, the Afterschool team conducted a study to find out which jobs are most sought after by employers. The study was done on the popular job search website, Jobstreet.com

After looking through the results of the study, we have compiled a list of the fields that are high in demand. You can also click on any of the fields to check out the jobs offered. 

Areas of Study with High Job Prospects



Computer/Information Technology

Admin/Human Resources


Air Asia











As you can see, the top 5 popular job fields are sales/marketing, accounting/finance, computer/information technology, management/Human Resources and services. These five fields also have thousand of vacancies in the working world. Just look at the service field, it has over 2,000 positions to offer. The service area also has employment opportunities related to air transport. Furthermore, for those of you who are interested in reading more about career opportunities in the aviation industry here in Malaysia, check out our article on how aviation is making a comeback locally


While our list does indicate that the 3 areas will the lowest in demand jobs are science, health, and education/training. This can be linked to the statement issued by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) regarding the total number of students admitted to Public Universities though UPU this year. According to the statement, the 5 most popular science stream degree programs are Biomedical, Forensic Science, Nutrition, Mathematical Science, and Dietetics. On the other hand, the most popular literature streams include Psychology, Syariah (Fiqh & Usul), Counselling, Usuluddin (Al-Quran & Al Hadith), and Human Resource Development. 


When looking at the statement from MOE in correlation with our list, the only popular position offered by employers that is on the list is Human Resources. Now this is worrying because one of the main causes of unemployment in the country is that courses taken by students are not in line with current industry demands. So, what will happen after they graduate? We’ll just have to wait and see after 4 years if this report will affect the country’s unemployment statistics after the current UPU batch graduates. 

For students still in high school or pre-university, it’s not to late to make the right choice. You can choose are course with high employment prospects. Hopefully, this article will help you choose a course that you are interested in that will also guarantee you employment in the future. For latest news, education tips, study pathway and career advice, you can head on to our website

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