11 Malaysian Students Received King Awards Scholarships

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 22, 2020, 03:21 pm

During the award ceremony at the Istana Negara

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian tennis player Bryan Lim Wei Tern is diving himself into a completely new challenge. Lim, received the prestigious King Awards Scholarship from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to pursue a PhD at the Imperial College, London. He is pursuing his studies in artificial intelligence and robotics.

“It is a different kind of situation but the responsibility is the same which is to bring up the good name of the country at the international level. I hope that my studies will benefit the country”, he said when interviewed at the Istana Negara yesterday. He is one of the 11 brilliant recipients who were offered the King’s scholarships.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s scholarship programme allows students with high academic   achievements and co-curricular activities to pursue their master’s degrees and PhD programmes in the country or abroad. Recipients will be given a choice to pick a course from four main fields that are science and technology, economy, law and Islamic finance to pursue their studies at any 20 international institutions or local universities of their choice.

Lim also said that his research’s focal point will be on trying to get machines to work better in terms of their robotic functions. “The idea is to allow robots to perform intelligently to help the public in the future. I hope I can achieve this through my studies”, Lim added.

Amalina Hanani Ismail, 26, will also be pursuing a PhD in civil and environmental engineering at Imperial College. “I received an offer from Imperial College earlier this year but I did not have a scholarship. So my previous supervisor recommended me to apply for the scholarship, saying that with any luck, I might get it”, she said.

As for Mohamad Khairul Hafizi Rahimi, whose origin is Seremban, he will be pursuing a master’s degree at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. “I picked UKM because it is near my place. My long-term goal is to specialise in smart grid systems and in the future, I plan to become a lecturer or a professor”, he said. Khairul Hafizi said that he only discovered the scholarship at the eleventh hour.

Other recipients for the PhD courses are Noor Amiera Alias (UKM), Muhammad Hafizul Hazmi Wahab (UPM), Ong Yi Nii (University of Oxford) and K. Sivasanghari (UPM). Recipients for Master’s degree programmes are Nur Khairina Khairu Najihan (University of Tokyo), Farah Syazana Aspar (University of Melbourne), Rohaisha Jamil (King’s College, London) and Low Suey Yee (UPM).

The General Director of Public Service Department (PSD) said the King had awarded six scholarships to students who will be pursuing their PhDs while five more students were taking up Master’s degree programmes.

He also said that there were more than 700 applicants for the scholarships this year but only 62 were interviewed after going through vetting process. “Due to the movement control order, all the interviews were conducted online and from the 62 candidates, they were further vetted and eventually only 11 were picked for the scholarship offer”, he added.

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