10 Websites You Can Use for Free Online Courses on a Variety of Subjects

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In the past, learning was limited to formal education or physical classes. You may have thousands of question running through your mind, but if your teacher doesn't know the answer to it, you will never find out too. The use of technology was also limited. To be able to find answers, you need get access to high quality books and encyclopedias.

However, the new generation consist of independent learners since answers are only one click away on Google. Now that the pandemic is getting worse and online learning is here to stay, we have compiled a list of websites you can visit and apps you can download to practically learn any new skill that you might think is essential for you. Not only is it free, you can learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere as long as you have got access to the internet.

Here are 10 reliable and safe website you can use to learn and acquire high quality materials from prominent universities and professional instructors.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

A very popular website used by students from different fields. High-quality free courses on a variety of subjects can be found on Khan Academy including Maths, Science, Computing, etc. Khan Academy is suitable for kids from pre-k level to adults furthering their studies in college or university. 

2. CourseraCoursera

You can join Coursera for free and learn courses from top universities like Yale and Standford. But of course, to access assignments or obtain  professional certificates, you need to pay. There are also many interesting courses you can complete in a day like cloud computing basics, statistics, digital storytelling and more. 

3. Udemy


Udemy offers a huge selection of free and premium courses- mostly on technical skills. From development to business, IT & Software and Design, there are so much that one can learn from Udemy. You can also find videos with certified instructors who will be teaching you from the basics. 

4. AlisonAlison

Over 3,000 free and high quality online courses are offered by Alison. Most of these courses are in business, health, language and technology, however you can check out this website to learn various different subjects prior to enrolling yourself in a university. Alison is now available on iOS and Android too. 

5. edXedX

edX is free and covers a wide range of topics from prestigious universities like Harvard, Berkeley and even MIT. Courses from almost all fields of studies are offered by edXmaking it one of the most popular websites with 110 million enrollments. 


6. Stanford Online

Stanford Online

Stanford online provides free online courses of various topics and high quality learning material. What's a better opportunity than learning from Stanford Instructors and experts for free? 

7. Future learn

Future learn

From business to creative arts & media, healthcare, law, history, literature and IT, FutureLearn is a website offering hundreds of online courses from world class universities and industry experts. 

8. CourseBuffetCourseBuffet

CourseBuffet offers hundreds of online courses for free created by over 250 universities.

9. Academic EarthAcademic EarthAcademic Earth is a website repository consisting of free online college level courses. It offers video courses and academic lectures covering around 50 primary subject disciplines from world top universities like Harvard, MIT, UCLA and more. 



TED Ed provides you with all the free online educational videos you can get. Not only is it informational, it is also a very entertaining method of learning valuable information from experts. From learning about health, psychology, history, physics, langauge, economy, etc, the videos you can find on TED Ed are extremely informational.  

You can use these 10 websites to learn a variety of subject. In our next articles, we will be sharing websites and apps you can use to learn a new language, coding skills, social skills and more. Don’t forget to check them out!

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