10 Scholarships for Malaysian Students to Further Studies in Korea

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We just saw how Malaysians got crazy over the BTS meal by McDonalds. McDonald’s launched its latest meal in partnership with South Korean Boyband BTS in Malaysia, making it the first country in the world to serve BTS meals. The BTS themed food packaging has been so in demand that people are reselling the empty boxes, cups, sauces and paper bags for triple the price and the meal for as high as RM200 on various social media platforms. Fans are even washing, drying and framing the packages of this meal.

Korea is world-renowned for their K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty, and being the global sensation that it is, it has a massive and loyal fan-base in Malaysia. Why just eat the meal here in Malaysia when you can go to Korea and visit all the tourist hot-spots too! Aside from opportunity for travel and stunning scenery, did you know that Korea is also widely recognized for its extraordinary higher education system? They have so much to offer especially if you are an international student. It is a diverse country with a cheap cost of living and incredible food. Here, we have listed down top scholarships that you can apply for to further your studies in Korea.

1. Korean Government ScholarshipKorean Government ScholarshipMajority of the national governments in the world are offering scholarships to international students. The South Korea government, similar to other countries, is offering numerous full scholarships covering tuition fees and living expenses to attract more international students to study in Korea. Students who receive the Korean Government Scholarship can apply to further their studies at any university affiliated with this programme and this includes the best universities in Korea.

Amount Info: Full tuition fee, living allowance, plane ticket, free language classes, health insurance, other allowances

How to apply: You can apply directly through the university’s website or through Korean embassy in Malaysia. However in our opinion, if the application is through the embassy, chances of successful application is higher as the application is verified and supported by the embassy. To apply, click here: Korean Government Scholarship

2. Seoul National University ScholarshipSeoul National University Scholarship

Seoul National University is one of the Ivy Leagues universities known as 'SKY' universities in Korea. Other universities grouped under SKY University are Yonsei University and Korea University. These three universities are in demand among Korean students themselves because they are the best universities in Korea.

Amount Info: Full scholarship for undergraduate, Master and PhD programmes

How to apply: For more information, click here: Seoul National University Scholarship

3. Yonsei University ScholarshipYonsei University Scholarship

As mentioned above, Yonsei University is a private university which is also listed as an Ivy League university in Korea. Amazingly, this university has a college that is exclusive for international students known as Underwood International College. Professors and students at this college come from various countries around the world. As it is an international college, all classes are taught in English. The university offers full scholarships to international students to further their studies here. 

Amount Info: Full scholarship for undergraduate only. Scholarships for Masters and PhD are not offered.

How to apply: For more information, click here: Yonsei University Scholarship

4. Korea University Scholarship

Korea University ScholarshipKorea University is a prestigious public university in South Korea that offers full scholarships to international students. This university is better known as a non STEM majors university. Non-STEM refers to courses of study offered that are more focused on the humanities, business and political sciences. In Korea, courses like this are less popular because their country is rapidly developing with various technical industries such as engineering, science and technology. So, majority of students prefer courses in the field of Science, Technology and Engineering, regardless, this university also offers various STEM programmes. 

Amount info: Tuition fee scholarships for undergraduate students and full scholarships for master's and PhD students.

How to apply: For more information, click here: Korea University Scholarship

5. KAIST University Scholarship

KAIST University Scholarship

KAIST is the first public research university established in Korea. The university was established nearly 50 years ago and it is one of the best universities in science and technology. Substantial allocations from the Korean government and international companies such as Samsung and Hyundai helped raise the university’s level of research achievement. 

Due to the large number of contributions, all students who are successfully offered a seat in this university are given full scholarships for all levels of study including international students. In addition, learning is also taught in English with the aim of further strengthening KAIST graduates to go further to the international level after graduation.

Amount info: Full scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

How to apply: For more information, click here: KAIST University Scholarship

6. Hanyang University ScholarshipHanyang University Scholarship

Hanyang University is located in Seoul, the capital of Korea. Hanyang is an old name for Seoul that was used hundreds of years ago. This private university in Korea offers hundreds of courses for students interested in furthering their studies there. This outstanding university has produced many successful alumni including the chairman of Hyundai Motors and Hyundai CEO. Hanyang University offers full scholarships to its students. Over 97.5 million is allocated annually for the provision of scholarships to qualified students.

Amount info: 70% tuition fees for undergraduates, full tuition fees for Masters and PhDs.

How to apply: For more information and application procedure, click here: Hanyang University Scholarship

7. Kyung Hee University ScholarshipKyung Hee University Scholarship

Kyung Hee University is the best private university in Korea. This university offers numerous  scholarships for international students. The university is popular for its medical faculty, which combines both Asian and western medical methods.

Amount info: Full scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students

How to apply: For more information, click here: Kyung Hee University Scholarship

8. Hankuk University ScholarshipHankuk University Scholarship

Hankuk University is known as the best university in Korea in the field of foreign studies such as language, international relations and international law. While it is well known for its foreign study programs, Hankuk University also offers courses in engineering, science and business.

Amount info: Full scholarship offered for qualified students

How to apply: For more information, click here: Hankuk University Scholarship

9. Inha University Scholarship

Inha University ScholarshipInha University is a private university  known for its prowess in the field of engineering studies. It is ranked as the fourth best university in Korea in the field of engineering.

Amount info: Full scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students

How to apply: For more information, click here: Inha University Scholarship

10. PosTech University of Science & Technology Scholarship

PosTech University of Science & Technology Scholarship

Pohang University of Science & Technology (PosTech) is located in Pohang, Korea and cooperates with POSCO, one of the leading companies in the steelmaking industry and well -known in the field of engineering. Many students who study at Postech receive fully funded study scholarships because they are heavily subsidized by the government.

Amount info: Full scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students

How to apply: For more information, click here: PosTech University of Science & Technology

We hope that we have made it easier for you to shortlist and do your own survey in furthering your studies in Korea. To find out more about scholarships and courses, check links.

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