10 Reasons You Should be Studying Psychology

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 10, 2021, 08:06 pm

Have you always been fascinated by the way humans think, act and react? Do you enjoy learning and understanding why people do the things they do?

Psychology is this and so much more. So, if you’re thinking about studying a psychology course in Malaysia, here are ten reasons to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

1. There is a growing demand for mental health professionals

Today, especially in Malaysia, more people are aware of mental health as compared to 10 years ago. However, as our world increases in its pace and becomes more digitised and competitive, finding time to focus on our inner selves becomes more difficult.

The world needs more experts who can understand the human mind, help people not only understand and navigate the symptoms and undesirable behaviours including depression, sleep loss, irritability and anxiety, but better manage a troubled past, tumultuous relationships and more.

Mental health isn't just a taboo word anymore. As a result, people are more willing to overcome these challenges by seeking professional help. Having the proper training and accreditation will offer you the knowledge and skills to help heal the world.

2. Your understanding of personalities and diversity helps you empathise with others

People aren't all the same, not in how we think and the way we feel, even when it is towards similar external stimulus. When you enrol in a psychology course in Malaysia, you will learn all about the various human experiences and influences that help shape an individual.

You'll learn the different personality types and the challenges and plus-points that come with them. This knowledge will help you understand different perspectives and build on your empathy towards others.

3. You will be able to counsel better

Your studies will teach you the main developmental stages and what each individual needs at each stage of his or her life. You’ll discover how important children’s early development is and how it influences their growth and behaviour later in life.

This knowledge will help you in counselling and evaluating your clients' mental state to better understand if a traumatic event or discord is blocking their normal development or if they are heading on the right trajectory in life.  

4. Doors will open for you around the world

Humans are everywhere on this earth, so if you can understand and help them, doors will open for you across the globe. There are so many fantastic job opportunities that you can do with your psychology qualifications. Here are just some:

  • Behavioural Disorder and Mental Health Counsellor
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Industrial-Organisational Psychologist
  • Psychometrist
  • Sports Psychologist

5. You’ll help those with severe and mild mental illnesses

There's a lot of misunderstanding and misconception surrounding mental illnesses. Learning to distinguish and understand the various types of mental illnesses will aid you in defining the limits of what you can do to help others. You'll know which avenues to explore, what to steer clear of and what to pay extra attention to with your future clients. The more you understand your client's condition, the more you can help him or her to navigate situations throughout life.

6. You get to research and make new discoveries

As a relatively young science, the knowledge base for psychology is constantly growing. Part of your studies will require you to familiarise yourself with research methods and develop your critical thinking skills. This will help you understand scientific methods and use this knowledge to critically evaluate claims relating to human behaviour and apply them to your current clients. New studies about the relationship between the brain and subjective experiences are especially popular.

7. You will bring meaning to those you help

A huge part of psychology is figuring out why we behave the way we do in stressful or specific situations. It allows us to ask questions like “what messages can our dreams be trying to convey” or “what could be the reason that causes some people to block out parts of their past”? What are we trying to convey to the world about ourselves by the way we talk or our body language? By studying psychology, you have the chance to develop a more conscious way of living and aim to bring more meaning to the lives you help.

8. Plenty of career possibilitiesPsychology is first and foremost, a profession. However, suppose you want to practice as a psychologist. In that case, you will have to undergo specialised training (typically at a Masters level) and become a counselling psychologist or a psychotherapist.

Depending on your choice of specialisation, you can work as a clinical psychologist in hospitals or clinics, as a counselling psychologist or psychotherapist where you can work as your own boss or as part of a team or an NGO. Besides that, a psychology degree can also come in handy if you want to pursue a career in Human Resource Management, Education, Social Work, Advertising, Communication, Forensics, Sales, Politics and much more.

9. You can be a desirable specialist

When you study psychology, you can choose to take plenty of different paths which will help you determine the type of psychologist you become. You can specialise in one or more psychotherapy schools, each with its own theories and techniques.

From there, you can also choose to pursue your Masters and PhD in specialisations of your interest.

10. You gain greater self-knowledge to express yourself better

Studying a psychology course in Malaysia doesn't only help you with understanding those around you but also with understanding yourself. You would be challenged to apply everything you learn during the course of your studies to yourself, and by taking an honest look at your life and your past, you will learn how to listen to others. You'll also learn how to express your ideas and emotions better and identify what you need to take care of your well-being.

Studying psychology is a journey. At Monash University Malaysia, the university is especially oriented towards improving your critical communication and critical thinking skills. Students will be exposed to numerous learning methods, including lectures, tutorials, and labs, where they are encouraged to engage in debates and open discussions actively.

For more information on psychology courses, CLICK HERE.

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