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PhD In Arabic Language (Research Only) Part-time

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    4 Years
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    RM 33,820

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Brief objective of program
  • Preparing the graduates to be qualified researchers in the field of Arabic language skills, and its linguistic-related sciences.
  • Enabling students to use functional methods in the process of learning Arabic language skills.
  • Introducing students to the contemporary concept of learning Arabic language as a tool for communication rather than an end in itself.
  • Dissemination of research in all the fields related to Arabic language sciences.
  • Enriching the Arabic language library with innovative researches that may help to overcome the obstacles hinder the proper use of Arabic language in both spoken and written forms.
  • Developing in to the students the interactive use of Arabic language skills as interrelated skills, by adhering to the guidance of the modern approaches in teaching and learning language to replace the classical one that deals with the language skills as separated skills.
  • Linguistic Research is also included into the field, a new idea finding relating to Arabic language sciences precisely those related to the process of learning and teaching Arabic as their foreign language.


Detailed entry requirements

On Campus

Master’s Degree in related fields from any recognized university or its equivalent

Note: As with Master’s Programs, candidates without formal background knowledge in Arabic Language & Literary criticism are essentially unacceptable in the Doctorate program for any branch of Arabic Language & Literary criticism. However, candidates from Master Degree in other fields but without a formal qualification of Arabic Language & Literary criticism are admissible, provided they passed the qualifying examination, confirming sufficient level of knowledge of their background. This examination should cover both written and oral components (including interviews). Sufficient level is the level of knowledge that is usually available to holders of a Master’s Degree in Arabic Language & Literary criticism. If the gap between the two is too large, the candidate should be denied. But if the gap is not too large, the HEP may choose to address this situation by imposing a strict prerequisite requirement.


  • Master’s Degree in related fields from any recognized university; or
  • Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia

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