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Master In Ulum Al-Hadith (Research)

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The brief objective of the program
  1. In-depth mastery of knowledge in al-Hadith and its sciences, both Science of Hadith Riwayah and Dirayah.
  2. Competence in analyzing and synthesizing principles, thoughts, ideas, and different opinions, from classical (tur?th) as well as modern sources.
  3. The ability to apply principles, theories and methods of the al-Hadith and its sciences to relevant contemporary issues
  4. The ability to offer fresh ideas for meeting current needs and providing alternative solutions, based on appropriate and responsible research.
  5. Critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills in order to deal with issues at hand.
  6. Effective interpersonal and communication skills; to carry out the supervisory role in teamwork with an awareness of their social and ethical responsibilities
  7. high competence in finding materials and information for research, career development and lifelong learning


Detailed entry requirements

General Requirement

  • A relevant Bachelor’s degree (Honours) with good grades from MEDIU, or any other institutions of higher learning recognized by the university OR any other certificate that is recognized by the university and equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) or other relevant professional qualification and experience that are recognized by the University.
  • A relevant General Bachelor’s degree (without Honours) with at least one-year working experience, and, if deemed necessary, an applicant may be interviewed and/or required to sit for an entrance test in order to determine the applicant's eligibility for admission to a specific programme.
  • The department of faculty may, with the approval of the University Academic Council (UAC), require the applicant to satisfy additional conditions for admission to a specific programme.

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