Why was my UPU 2017/18 Application Rejected?

May 15, 2017
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While many may indeed be celebrating their success at being accepted into various public universities through the UPU 2017/18 application process, there are the inevitable others that now wonder what the next step is, having being rejected. Some of them may even question their own abilities, wondering if they just aren’t meant to complete a tertiary education. Well, to those who fall in the latter category, please do relax. There are quite a few reasons that are fairly common, which clearly explain why students get rejected. So here they are:

Applicant DID NOT press the Confirm & Send/ Sah & Hantar button

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While the above may seem like a minor error, it is actually fairly common, as many applicants are nervous and mentally tired having just completed filling in the form with meticulous detail. The bad news is the failing to hit that button would have rendered your application incomplete and thus, was not even considered. The good news is that if this was the only issue, then using the UPU Rayuan may be a great chance for you.

Did not Meet the Specific Requirements/Syarat Khas for Chosen Programme

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For certain programmes, there are very specific requirements that students must have met to even be considered. Many applicants overlook this, and thus, are rejected.

Did Not Pass the Interview

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Some students may nto have been called to the interview process entirely, as they may committed either of the errors mentioned above. Others were called, but their interviews may not have been satisfactory to the interviewers and not up to the mark. If you think this way you, then work harder on preparing better.

You may read our interview tips here


Not selected by the Public University of your Choice

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Sometimes, it just isn’t meant to be. Perhaps you didn’t meet the specific requirements noted for the programme. Alternatively, you picked a course that is extremely popular, and the seats for said course were extremely limited. Either way, the university you chose did not select you. It would be best to re-evaluate and decide if you want to appeal to the same course (As once again, the seats may be extremely limited), or if another option may be the better choice.

Please do not give up hope, and remember to not make the same mistake more than once. Be thorough if you intend to apply via the Rayuan UPU. All the best!


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