Top 5: Global University Employability Rankings

January 10, 2017
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Everyone seems to be obsessed with rankings, aren’t they? From school, when you’re ranked in class, nervous as the number will be jotted down in your report book, which your parents will then have to sign. Well it doesn’t stop, not even when it comes to institutions of higher learning.


Year after year, more and more rankings are released, from the famous QS World University Rankings to Asian University Rankings, which found the National University of Singapore at at the top, two years running (You can apply for admission into NUS here). Well, the folks over at Times Higher Education, UK, teamed up with a HR consultancy firm called Emerging to come up with the top universities which are preparing their students best  for employment, according to the very companies that hire them.

Read on and find out which universities can boost your chances of finding a job right after graduation. A little spoiler, the list is dominated by European countries, along with the US and the UK.


  1. Stanford University


Location: California

QS World University Ranking: 2

Global University Employability Ranking: 5

Tuition & Fees: USD 47,940

The very famous university which appeared in The Social Network, has been a mainstay in the tech community, with its influence on Silicon Valley (The place to be for anyone interested in technology) unquestionable. Even if you do put the razzmatazz surrounding the university in mainstream media on the backburner, that facts don’t lie. Ranked no.2 in the world by QS world University Rankings and, if you add up the valuation of companies founded by faculty and alumni, it’ll amount to staggering USD 2.7 trillion.


  1. University of Cambridge


Location: Cambridge, England

QS World University Ranking: 4

Global University Employability Ranking: 4

Tuition & Fees: £9,000 per year for all undergraduate courses

Taking a trip across the pond, and we reach the no.4 on the list with the University of Cambridge. While many universities can lay claim to being one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions, Cambridge gets to sit on the throne, for it was founded in 1209 and is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. Arguably, the university is most famous for its distinguished tradition in mathematics and science, seeing the likes of Sir Isaac Newton spend the majority of his life conducting many famous experiments there, and Stephen Hawking obtaining his PhD as well as taking up the role of Director of Research.


  1. Harvard University


Location: Massachusetts, Boston

QS World University Ranking: 3

Global University Employability Ranking: 3

Tuition & Fees: USD 47,074

The oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, Harvard is probably the most famous institution on this list, having a knack of associating the Harvard name with many, now-famous alumni. While many know that the creator of the social networking behemoth Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, studied here, few know Natalie Portman also completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology here. Once again, if you think it’s all glitz and glamour , well, Harvard’s alumni also includes 8 US presidents, several foreign heads of state, 62 living billionaires, and some 130 Nobel laureates. Quite the list, isn’t it?


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Location: Massachusetts, Boston

QS World University Ranking: 1

Global University Employability Ranking: 2

Tuition & Fees: USD 48,452

While MIT may not have had the pleasure of gaining mainstream exposure like the other universities on this list (Perhaps that may have had something to do with the difficulty one may encounter while trying to spell Massachusetts), it has steadily been climbing the QS World University Rankings, creeping its way up the ladder in a subtle fashion. So why then is it no.2 on this list? Well, MIT alumni founded or co-founded many notable companies, such as Intel, McDonnell Douglas, Texas Instruments, 3Com, Qualcomm, Bose, Raytheon, Koch Industries, Rockwell International, Genentech, Dropbox, and Campbell Soup, with a study on living MIT alumni finding companies founded by them generate global revenues around USD 1.9 trillion.


  1. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)



Location: Pasadena, California

QS World University Ranking: 5

Global University Employability Ranking: 2

Tuition & Fees: USD 47,577

Caltech probably shares the same shade as MIT, allowing the other institutions on this list to hog the limelight as the institution silently inches closer to the top. Caltech has enjoyed success in the QS World University Rankings, gaining a few places every year, and has achieved the no.1 ranking on this list by having a tiny student population compared to other colleges, allowing for a close-knit ecosystem of students and teachers to co-exist and thrive.


While these universities may seem as if they’re our of your reach, fret not. Anything is achievable with enough dedication and hard work. Once you do that, then the only other element you require is guidance, and we here at are always prepared to help, whether it’s a detailed description of a course, scholarship updates or even answering any questions you may have.

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