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Quick Facts

Asia e University (AeU) is an international university set in Asia, with the headquarters situated in Kuala Lumpur. AeU is a flexible-mode university with learning centres spanning across the Asia region in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Being a university established under the Asia Cooperative Dialogue, AeU continues to grow throughout other countries in Asia. Most of the students of AeU are working adults who are attracted to the university’s flexible online education programme.


There are seven schools in AeU offering management, information and communication technology, education and cognitive science, professional and executive education, foundation studies, graduate studies as well as technical, engineering education and re-skilling programmes.

AeU offers a flexible mode of learning through its Open and Distance Learning programme where students are given the choice of academic and training programmes at their own pace and time through online learning. Besides the programme above, AeU offers Face to Face tutorials and a blended learning programme.

Contact Info

Dataran Kewangan Darul Takaful, 
No 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone +603 2785 0000

Email [email protected]

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