Bachelor of Arabic as a Second Language (Hons)

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KUIS – Selangor International Islamic University College

ModeFull Time
Duration3 Years
IntakeJune and November
Tuition fees RM34,165

This programme uniquely combines the component of Arabic Language with the component of education providing opportunities for the students to explore the language of the AI-Quran. Arabic as a second language is highly demanding particularly in the tourism sector, translation, broadcasting, information technology as well as in the education sector. Students will be exposed to the linguistic aspects of the language which emphasises on the language as a skill. As part of the syllabus, students will undergo industrial training at selected organisations where the Arabic language is used as the medium of communication.

Entry Requirements:

  • Pass STAM (maqbul – at least get Jayyid viewed in subjects Grammar & Sarf / sha ‘& Mutala’ah / Balaghah / Manners & nusus) or
  • Passed STPM with 2 principals including BA or
  • Pass relevant Diploma CGPA of 2.00 and passed SPM with 3 credits or
  • SIIUC Diploma in Islamic Academy program / TASL (CGPA 2.0) above.
  • Pass the Foundation or Matriculation program.
  • Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government
  • And pass an interview.

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Contact Information

Bandar Seri Putra
43000 Kajang

Phone +603 8925 4251

Fax +603 8926 8462

Email [email protected]


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