Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry)

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UTM – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

ModeFull Time
Tuition fees N/A
CampusJohor & KL

Chemistry is one of the central sciences that are concerned with the composition of matter and how matter changes. It involves the study of substances, with a focus on composition, characteristics, changes, reactions, uses, benefits and dangers. The knowledge of chemistry is crucial to man’s health and safety. Chemists specialize in four main disciplines, namely inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry. The Industrial Chemistry Programme provides a broad education within chemistry with applications of mathematical, engineering and management principles. Students are able to learn and gain experience to enable them to venture into the industrial field and public sectors. Students are exposed to instructions and research projects in Instrumental Analysis, Nanochemistry, Chemical Spectroscopy, Organic Synthesis, Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Composites, Environmental Chemistry and Catalytic Chemistry.

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