Bachelor of Music (Hons) (Composition)

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UiTM – Universiti Teknologi Mara

ModeFull Time
Tuition fees N/A
CampusShah Alam

In today’s advent of technology, a performer is faced with artistic demands that go beyond the traditional role of purely performing music.  The performer should have a broad knowldege base that includes the areas of music business, music technology, composing, arranging, conducting, writing, and music production, to meet employer and industry needs. The art of performance is therefore, a challenging field of study which requires skill, resourcefulness, patience, intelligence and diligence.  In-born creative talent has to be nurtured with care and expert guidance.  A thorough understanding of musical language, styles and diverse genres together with a passion to communicate human emotion through sound is a hallmark of a successful performer.
With these expectations in mind, the Bachelor of Music Performance (Hons.) is designed to equip students with a solid foundation in performance studies and practice.  This program is offered at the Faculty of Music, UiTM, Shah Alam. The three-year program exposes students to the theories and fundamentals of music performance. The programme focuses on developing the skills of the student in their principal instrument through solo and group performance but also includes the intellectual components of a music course such as analysis, performance studies and interpretations.

Students enrolled into the program can expect a team of highly qualified and dedicated lecturers to guide them in their creative journey of artistic endeavours. They have the option to study classical, jazz, modern, or traditional Malaysian music styles. Courses will include principle study, form and analysis, aural training, interpretation, performance study, history, and advanced Malaysian music.  In addition, students will perform in music ensembles such as choir, orchestra, big band, guitar ensemble, or gamelan ensembles. The graduands of this program can become a highly artistic and creative performer, session player, music instructor and conductor, recording artiste, music director, performing art manager and telivision or radio producer.

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