The outlook for Malaysian aviation is positive as far as low cost carriers are concerned, which is further exemplified by the Air Asia’s profits.  The emergence of Malaysia as an aviation hub in this part of the world, can add to the profits of airport management companies as well as aircraft maintenance businesses.

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Want to be a rocket scientist? Can you explain the difference between a Boeing and airbus? If so, Aerospace could be your best bet! This programme provides you the knowledge and skills on how to design and create vehicles and systems for atmospheric and space environments.

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Aircraft Maintenance

Have you ever wondered how aircrafts get off the ground? Do you sometimes think about the technology as well as the nuts and bolts that go into these aircrafts? Do you like fixing things? If the answer to all these questions is yes, you may be a great fit for a career in aircraft maintenance.

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Ever thought of flying and doing this for the rest of your life? Being a pilot is both an exciting and a challenging career. You’ve probably read the stories of the expensive flight training, years of instructing followed by long working hours.

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