Drama, Theatre & Film

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The Drama,Theatre & Film discipline teaches you the acting techniques and modern vocational skills needed for a successful artistic endeavour.  Getting involved in drama, theatre & film will help you discover and improve your oral communication skills, as well as your improvisational skills.

  • Get to improve your oral communication and improvisational skills
  • You will learn to work with a team as well as work independently
  • It helps you overcome your shyness and helps build character and self-discipline
  • Understand human nature and emotions better
  • Hone your acting as well as management skills

In terms of personality development, theatre can train you to handle pressure, become a decision maker, accept disappointments, becoming responsible while learning to bounce back and learning leadership skills, self-confidence, and respect for yourself and others.

Subject Focus


  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • English
  • Kesusasteraan Melayu
  • English Literature
  • Art
  • History
Personality Type

Myers-Briggs Test Index: INFP, INFJ, ENFP, ENFJ
Find your Myers-Briggs personality here.
Holland Vocational Code: AIS (Artistic, Investigative, Social)
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Career Info

Theatre graduates pursue a huge range of creative and cultural roles, including: acting, directing and stage managing for theatre companies, becoming independent theatre artists, composers, theatre administrators, arts journalists and marketers, teachers and academics, festival directors and arts administrators, scriptwriters and arts related public relations people.

  • Actor/Actress: Portrays and inteprets a character in a dramatic or comic production and performs in film, television, theatre or radio
  • Director: A person who is responsible for the creative aspect of film production. They may also make scripts, determine movie locations and actors, finalise costumes, approve speical effects and provide coaching to actors.
  • Playwright: Writes dramatic literature or drama (scripts) to be performed by actors
  • Film Producer: A person responsible for overseeing all aspects of the creation and production of a film, such as the conception and writing of the story, the acquisition of funding and the artwork used for retail release
  • Set Designer: Researches, designs and supervises the contstruction of sets, sceneries and all the visual aids required in stage, film, and television productions
  • Senior Executive (min. RM2,500; avg. RM 3,000; max. RM3,600)
  • Junior Executive (min. RM2,000; avg. RM 2,300; max. RM2,800)
  • Fresh / Entry Level (min. RM1,500; avg. RM 1,700; max. RM1,800)

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