Radiography and Medical Imaging

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Do you like working with people as well as technologies that capture images? We’re not talking about photography but a career in Radiography and Medical Imaging will require you to show care, compassion and empathy to patients while taking their x-ray or CT scans.

In this course, you will understand the structure of the body, how the body can be affected by injury and causes and effects of disease when taking x-ray images. Moreover, you’ll learn how to interpret images and write a diagnostic report for referring doctors.

A radiographer or medical imaging technologist is a trained health professional who performs medical imaging by producing high quality x-ray pictures or images used to diagnose and treat injury or disease. It is an important part of medicine and a patient’s diagnosis and treatment is often dependent on the x-ray images produced.


The healthcare industry has become a powerful engine of economic growth.  There are about 40,000 allied health professionals, including radiographers, in the country, with 25,500 of them under the Health Ministry.

  • Mammographer: Plays an important role in the detection of breast cancer
  • Sonographer/Ultrasound Technicians: Uses high frequency sound waves to produce real-time images of organs, soft tissues, and blood flow within the body
  • Radiology Manager: Oversees the daily operations of radiology departments and facilities

As Malaysia moves towards a high-income nation status, more healthcare services will be needed. This is to cover the requirements of a larger population; higher life expectancy resulting in greater numbers of elderly; changes in disease patterns with more chronic illnesses; advances in medical technology and higher client expectations.

Recently, GE Healthcare expanded its businesses with better growth prospects like ultrasound, diagnostics and a medical-device unit that sells everything from incubators to blood-pressure monitors. It is working with Malaysia’s Ministry of Health to offer teleradiology diagnostic services globally. The company will help connect radiologists with hospitals nationwide to build up capacity, facilitate workload balancing and improve service quality.

  • Junior Executive (min. RM1,400; avg. RM 1,500; max. RM1,900)
  • Fresh / Entry Level (min. RM1,200; avg. RM 1,400; max. RM1,800)

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