Political Science

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Political Science (sometimes called Political Science and Government) is the study of political values, institutions, processes, and policies.


Graduates of this programme will be able to work as either analysts, political advisors, or project managers in:

  • EU, UN and other international organizations and institutions;
  • national public sector institutions;
  • media and other public information agencies,
  • national and international non-governmental organizations;
  • research centers, think tanks, public opinion and political research institutions.

Alternatively, you may further pursue your studies in more specialized Master’s programs in political science and other social sciences or humanities.

Subject Focus


  • Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia
  • History
  • English


When you take this course, you find yourself asking questions like: “Why does India still acknowledge the caste system?” and “Despite the lack of human rights in North Korea, why do some of its citizens still voluntarily pay homage to their leaders?”

Studying politics encourages the development of both specific and transferable skills such as reasoning and analytical skills as well as arrive at decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data, effective oral and written communication and research and evaluation.

  • Comparative Political Analysis
  • Understanding Governance: Policy-making in the 21st Century
  • The Politics of Money & Finance
  • Rhetoric in Politics
  • Media,Politics & Policy
  • Global Governance
  • International Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign Language
Personality Type

Do you like reading the papers’ front page? Always want to give your two cents in almost every political or government issues?

These personality type codes serve ONLY as a guideline and can be taken with a pinch of salt. Always consult with your school counsellor or ask our experts for further guidance!

You should also realize that ANY type can be successful in ANY major or career.

Myers-Briggs: ESFJ

Find your Myers-Briggs personality type here.

Holland Vocational Code: IS

Find where you belong in the RIASEC model here.

Career Info

Political scientists seek to understand the underlying ways in which power, authority, rules, constitutions and laws affect our lives.

The study of political science prepares one for life as an informed citizen, ready to participate in political activities within interest groups or political parties; related to community organisation and political advocacy; or even service as an elected or appointed official.


Intelligence Analyst: RM 240,520/year

Legal Secretary: RM 156,600/year

NGO Executive Director: RM 200,000/year

Job Demand

With the analytical, evaluative and communication skills you learn in your political science department courses, you will be in high demand for employers in our increasingly service-based, post-industrial economy.

Skills like these will give you a wide range of career options.

In Malaysia:

Aside from the obvious career choices – campaigns and elections – a bachelor’s degree in political science may lead to exciting careers in state and local government, law, business, international organisations, non-profit associations and organisations, campaign management and polling, journalism, electoral politics, research and university teaching.

Global demand:

You could embrace the possibility of working overseas as an ambassador to your country.

Useful links

International Political Science Association (IPSA)
American Political Science Association (APSA)

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