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If you find joy in helping the injured walk, helping people cope with the weaknesses in their muscles and joints, finding ways to alleviate back pain, supporting people with acute physical disabilities or simply interested in the various aspects of human movement, then you should consider physiotherapy as a profession.

Essentially, you will learn how to help treat and rehabilitate patients with movement disorders caused by injuries such as a broken leg or back pain and diseases like cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis. It is a huge field to get into with many specialisations.


Typically, graduates in this field land jobs in hospitals either in the private or government sectors, specialist centres, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and even research institutions. With enough experience, you can even start up your own private practice.However, in terms of Malaysia’s demand for physiotherapists, this is what the president of the Malaysian Physiotherapist Association, Dr Balwant Singh Bains had to say, “The consequent exponential growth in the number of physiotherapists in the Malaysian health sector may be cause for concern that the discipline is becoming saturated”. He also suggested that future graduates in this field further their studies into the various specialties or enter the education sector (MJN, 2011).


Focuses on physical rehabilitation of acute problems like asthma, chest infections and trauma, patients with chronic cardiac and respiratory problems, patients recovering from surgery and the like.Geriatrics
Focuses on physical rehabilitation of the elderly.Orthopaedics
Focuses on physical rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.Paediatrics
Focuses on physical rehabilitation of children and adolescents.Sports Medicine
Focuses on rehabilitation of injuries related to sport, exercise or recreational activity.

Focuses on rehabilitation of people with neurological conditions: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury.

  • Junior Executive (min. RM1,500; avg. RM 1,800; max. RM2,000)
  • Fresh / Entry Level (min. RM1,300; avg. RM 1,500; max. RM1,550)

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