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The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) is the only homegrown professional body. It was established in 1958 and has a long history of producing technically-sound professional accountants. It was previously known as Malaysian Association of Certified Public (MACPA), as your parents may have known it, but since 2002 it became known as MICPA. The institute has had many prominent business people in industry who become its members.

A turning point in 2009 saw MICPA and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) collaborate to run a joint professional programme called the MICPA-CAANZ Programme – which provides its graduates with a dual qualification and memberships with both MICPA and CAANZ, leading to the use of 2 titles – Certified Public Accountant, Malaysia and Chartered Accountant, Australia and New Zealand.

Members of both MICPA and CAANZ are eligible for Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) membership.

When is the earliest that I can start the MICPA-CAANZ Programme?

Here are the routes into the MICPA-CAANZ Programme:

  • If you have a Diploma in Accounting, then you can join the Professional Stage Exam (4 modules). This will bring you to the MICPA-CAANZ Programme (5 modules) After having 3 years of working experience in accountancy,
  • With a Degree in Accounting, you can do the MICPA-CAANZ Programme (5 modules). To join this porgram, you need to have 3 years working experince experience in accountancy.
  • If you have a degree from a Non-Accounting background, you can do the Conversion Programme (8 modules). After completion, then you can join the MICPA-CAANZ Programme (5 modules) + 3 years working experience in accountancy.

To check if your qualification is recognized by MICPA or CAANZ, you can refer to MICPA’s website here under “Assessment of Entry Qualification”.

Subject Focus
Professional Stage

AA – Auditing
BSFM – Business Strategy and Financial Management
FR – Financial Reporting
BCL – Business and Company Law

Advanced Stage

AAA – Audit & Assurance
CAP – Capstone
FIN – Financial Accounting & Reporting
MAAF – Management Accounting & Applied Finance
TAX – Taxation

MICPA Conversion Programme

FA 1 – Financial Accounting 1
FA 2 – Financial Accounting 2
MA – Management Accounting
TAX – Taxation
AA – Auditing
BCL – Business and Company Law
BSFM – Business Strategy and Financial Management
FR – Financial Reporting

Personality Type
These personality type codes serve ONLY as a guideline and can be taken with a pinch of salt. Always consult with your school counselor or ask our experts for further guidance!

Myers-Briggs: ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

When one is dealing with numbers, one must think 5 steps ahead to ensure a profitable beginning and end.

Find your Myers-Briggs personality type here.

Holland Vocational Code: CE (Conventional, Enterprising)

Numbers are black and white, but does not mean you must be. You are just following a standard set of rules.

Find where you belong in the RIASEC model here.

Career Info
Being a Malaysian-based Accounting professional body, MICPA is poised to provide its members with comprehensive advice and support in local regulatory requirements, statutes, standards and laws in the area of tax and accounting that influence the business environment in Malaysia.

As a MICPA member, you will have access to the latest updates in these areas and provision of advice by the technical experts who are in regular discussions with governing authorities such as the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB), Inland Revenue Board (IRB), Securities Commission (SC), Malaysian Companies Commission (SSM), and Bursa Malaysia.

Chief Finance Officer: RM10,000 – RM18,000

Financial Controller: RM9,000 – RM14,800

Finance Manager: RM5,000 – RM11,000

Accounts Executive: RM1,400 – RM3,400

Audit Assistant/ Executive: RM2,150 – RM3,800

Becoming Professional
The MICPA-CAANZ Programme provides the opportunity for those who do have a diploma/degree in Accountancy to pursue their dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Click here to know the benefits of becoming a professional accountant through MICPA.

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