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How do brands like Coca-Cola, Nike or even McDonalds become well-loved household names? How does the iPod or iPhone become one of the most wanted items by people of all ages across the globe before they even hit the shelves? The answer to all of these is Marketing.

This overhauling of marketing activities caused by the current economic climate has brought into focus the need for loyal customers, and hence, the role of loyalty programmes in maintaining the commercial health of a business. The current market has created a tremendous need for cost-effective and easy to use loyalty programmes that can help businesses retain their existing customers as well as attract new ones.
Subject Focus

  • Mathematics
  • Accountancy
  • Economics

University level

  • Accounting
  • Applied Economics
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Finance
  • Business analytics
  • Management
  • Strategic Marketing
Personality Type
These personality type codes serve ONLY as a guideline and can be taken with a pinch of salt. Always consult with your school counsellor or ask our experts for further guidance!
Myers-Briggs: ISTJ, ESTJ, INTP, ENTJ
These types all share the Thinking preference (T), or a preference for objective decision making as opposed to taking into account personal values in making decisions.
Find your Myers-Briggs personality type here. Holland Vocational Code: ESR (Enterprising, Social, Realistic)

Find where you belong in the RIASEC model here.

Career Info
Marketing job is required in all industries.Possible career title

  • Technical Help Support
  • Operation Analyst Centre Specialist
  • Team Manager
  • Operation Manager
Entry level: RM1,400-RM5,000
Professional: RM6,000-RM15,000
Job Demand
Even after the global economic recession, marketing budgets continue to be slashed in corporations across the world that are looking to do more with less. Marketing managers are streamlining their efforts and are increasingly turning to cost-effective and measurable tools to justify their marketing spend.Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) CEO and Malaysia Effie Awards executive council chairman Datuk Noharuddin Nordin told The Edge, “The greatest weakness of Malaysian brands is the failure to communicate the quality they are capable of delivering, and the solution is effective marketing strategies.”

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