Marine Biology

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Are you a beach bum? Would you like to explore the depths of the oceans and the creatures the inhabit it? A course in Marine Biology will introduce you to marine organisms, their behaviours, their interaction with the environment and their habitats.

Only 29% of the world’s surface is land, the rest is ocean, home to millions of marine organisms, so imagine the habitats and species available for study. Therefore, to fully understand marine organisms, marine biologists must have an understanding of other areas of study from- oceanography to marine ecosystems and such as physical oceanography and chemical oceanography. Many marine biologists specialise in a particular ecosystem, species or behaviour.


A career in marine biology requires for a lot of thinking outside the box. It would be beneficial for someone with a marine biology, marine science or environmental science background to also have good computer and mathematical skills as a lot of the work in this field will have research/discovery modes. You could also consider doing a minor in marine science but a major in zoology or maybe even a double major in mathematics and chemistry. If you are interested in leading a research or teaching at university level, a doctoral degree is necessary. However, a master’s degree is sufficient for working at aquariums or laboratories. A master’s is usually required to get a good position within the sphere of marine biology.As a marine biologist, you can take on many positions: animal caretaker, a wildlife conservationist, or an environmental researcher. You can choose to work in environmental agencies, consulting firms, aquariums, museums, colleges/universities, research laboratories or the government. Competition in the field of marine biology is strong. A strong foundation in computers and advanced mathematics will give you a competitive edge in the field.

Ranked 12th in the biodiversity index, Malaysia establishes itself as one of the world’s premium ecotourism destinations, more marine biologists will be needed to help preserve the country’s natural resources. Moreover, the country is strengthening its production and exports of shrimp  and fin-fish including Tilapia, Seabass, and Grouper.

  • Senior Executive (min. RM4,240; avg. RM6,000; RM9,000)
  • Junior Executive (min. RM2,400; avg. RM3,400; RM4,600)

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