Interior Design

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Imagine walking into a room or a workplace to find the place looking so good, it leaves you with the following expression (WOW!). Well, that expression on your face right there is caused by someone who has worked really hard to push the creative side to a certain point to produce the “WOW” factor.

An Interior Designer combines knowledge with aesthetic vision to make living spaces safe, functional and attractive.


Interior design is a part of Architecture and Built Environment studies. A degree holder in the field will be able to pursue a postgraduate degree in this field or fields related to interior design.

Subject Focus

What will you study as a student of Interior Design?

  • Principles of Interior Design
  • Construction & Technology
  • Design Software and Computer Application
  • History and Influences in Interior Design
  • Contemporaries Design Theories
  • Furniture Design & Building Science and Services
  • Economics & Environmental Studies
  • Design Management & Housing Studies
  • Compulsory Practical Training
  • Projects
  • Other Subjects

Entry Requirements:

Diploma: SPM, O Level, or Equivalent
Degree: STPM, A Level, Foundation studies, Diploma in related fields, or equivalent qualifications.

Personality Type

An avid decorating skills, creative drive, hardworking, attention to details, knowledge of design and design history, multitasker and other traits are some of the most important aspects of an interior designer.

Find your Myers-Briggs personality type here.

Holland Vocational Code: ESR (Enterprising, Social, Realistic)

Find where you belong in the RIASEC model here.

Career Info

Job titles in Malaysia:

  • Interior Designer/Designer
  • Multimedia Interior Designer
  • 3D Exhibition Designer
  • Lighting Design Specialist
  • Conceptual Artist
  • Other titles

Entry Level: RM2,500 – RM3,300
Professional Level: RM3,500 – RM4,500
High Management Positions: RM5,500 and above

Job Demand

Careers in interior design are expected to increase in Malaysia and it already has a sustainable demand in a number of developed countries. Although demand will be stable, clients and developers are said to be conservative. According to BlueScope Lysaght, a maker of steel building materials, there is a gap between experience and exposure. Many have revolutionary ideas when it comes to concepts but are limited by industry demands which are still rather conservative. Green concepts and sustainable design is forecast to be the emerging trends.

Useful links

Malaysian Institute of Art
The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design
The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers
Home and Design Magazine
The American Society of Interior Designers

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