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Do you love reading history books? Does it bring out the detective in you when you try to solve history’s unresolved issues? Do you care enough that you want to put your two cents in? History could become an interesting and rewarding path for you.

History is the discovery, collection, organisation and presentation of information about past events. You’ll also learn how historical events affect modern day society and culture. For students majoring in History, you’ll be asked to read and examine past events.


History majors can consider a multitude of careers. Among the jobs you can consider are journalism, foreign services, legal assistance, teacher, information manager, public relations, researcher, archivists, campaign worker and so forth.

But due to the reduce intake of students for the arts and social science stream, the country is not producing enough historians or social scientists. According to some historians, inaccurate and biased accounts of Malaysian history in secondary school textbooks have become an important issue.  In May 2011, a campaign for a Truly Malaysian History was founded by a group of scholars and non-government organisations (NGOs) pushing for greater accuracy in history books for secondary school students.  The group works with the government in discussing terms of reference to improve the current history syllabus. They hope to finish before 2013.

  • Historian: Studies and writes about the past and is regarded as an authority on it.
  • History Teacher: Teach students about history through lessons, assignments and activities
  • Archivist: Manages and maintains documents and other materials that have historical importance for individuals, organisations and nations.
  • Documentary Writer/Editor: Does research and uses texts and documents as source in supporting prose/story


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