Construction project management

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It is a discipline in the field of engineering specialized in the overall  planning, coordinating and controlling of a project from the commencement stage to the conclusion. It is aimed at meeting project requirements and maintaining consistency in following the time, scope, cost, performance and quality of the deliverables.


A postgraduate degree in project management with a particular focus on construction is demanded and the higher the qualifications, the better future prospects for you. On the masters level, there are two options for interested students; do a MPM by research or course work.

Areas of research may include:

  • Engineering systems analysis
  • Project technologies
  • Strategic management in construction
  • Productivity studies and staffing
  • Construction methods and structural reinforcement
  • Construction modeling using information technology
  • International construction
  • Sustainable development
  • Human resource management
Subject Focus

As a student, you will be exposed to the following areas:

  • Construction technologies
  • Commercial law
  • Cost modeling
  • Facilities management
  • Safety and health measures
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Project design, cost planning, decision making and application process
  • Value management
  • Information technology and computer skills
  • And other areas

Entry Requirements

Good results in one of the following or equivalent:

  • STPM
  • Foundation studies
  • Matriculation
  • STAM
  • 12 year high school diploma
  • IB
  • A Levels
  • Or equivalent
Personality Type

Are you good at guiding people? Can you adapt to changing environment? Do you like to pay attention to details? Are you a resourceful person? Well, you will shine here.

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Holland Vocational Code: RIE (Realistic, Investigative, Enterprising)

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Career Info

Construction project managers take the leading role in executing plans, controlling the process, tracking budget constraints, evaluating performance of the project and the staff, ensuring that deadlines are realistic and achievable.

Malaysia has a good demand for project managers (PM) in construction and there are many hiring companies. Besides seeking employment, CPM’s can be contractors and become employers of others.

It is important to note that PM knowledge is applicable elsewhere and is not limited to construction.

Job titles:

  • Technical executive
  • Project executive
  • Execution consultant
  • Technology consultant
  • Cost consultant
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Site manager
  • Construction manager
  • Design manager
  • Project Supervisor

Here is a list of the different salaries you get based on experience and qualifications:

  • Project Executive/Administrator (1-3 Years’ experience): RM2,200 – RM3,500
  • Consultant (2-4 years’ experience): RM4,500 – RM6,000
  • Project Manager (3-5 years’ experience): RM6,500 – RM10,000
  • Construction Manager (5-8 years’ experience): RM9,500 – RM13,000
  • Senior Project Manager (12-18 years’ experience): RM12,000 – RM17,000
  • Project Director (12-18 years’ experience + Master/PhD): RM16,000 – RM25,000
Job Demand
Hiring companies in Malaysia:

UEM Group, YTL Corporation, IJM Corporation, Gamuda, Malaysian Resources Corporation, WCT, Kumpulan Europlus, Hock Seng Lee, Mudajaya Group, Muhibbah Engineering and many more.

Construction companies are all over the world with constant demand for project management professionals with the suitable skills and knowledge.

Becoming Professional

It is important to become a certified professional in this field. PMP® Certification Training Course is an essential part of your training and an extremely important pillar that support your salary increments.

Visit these sites for more information related to professional training: PMP Certification Exam Training and Course:


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PMI Malaysia Chapter
Malaysian Institute of Management

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