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Are you great at drawing and have a talent in storytelling? Do you possess a great deal of imagination and creativity?  If it’s a yes, then Animation is the right career option for you.

The best way to pursue a career in animation is by getting a degree or diploma in animation or a degree in fine arts. Aptitude in sketching, drawing and deep interest in computers is always considered essential to gain entry into the animation industry.


The global growth of the animation industry is projected to grow USD35 billion in 2013 from USD25 billion in 2010, according to the National Association of Software and Services Companies. The Malaysian animation industry itself is estimated to be worth RM16 billion based on advertising, animation, digital content, film & TV, games, music and video.

  • Background Artist: Paints the background of the characters in the project
  • Layout Artist:  Decides the lighting and camera angles and ketches the background design for the animation
  • Storyboard Artist: Visualises and draws a series of events from one animation frame to another
  • Modeller: Makes models for animation
  • Special Effects Artist: Combines live-action footage with computer generated imagery
  • Texture Artist:  Create a surface to the 3D modelled character, object or environment
  • 3D Animator: Takes the sculpted, textured and rigged 3D model and puts life into it by putting in order the key frames in such a way that they appear to be lifelike and in motion
Subject Focus


  • Art
  • Basic Computer


  • Graphic Designer
  • Fine Arts
Personality Type

Myers-Briggs Test Index: INFP, INFJ
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Holland Vocational Code: AIS (Artistic, Investigative, Social)
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Job Demand

To date, the Malaysian entertainment and media industry generated overall RM9.4 billion revenue, employed more than 45,000 creative industry professionals and contributed 1.8% to the National GDP, and is expected to be 2.8% within 3 years.

What is more exciting is the fact that this industry would give employment to thousands of prospective animators every year. Thanks to entertainment and the gaming industry, this boom is further going to be fuelled by the outsourcing of animation project work by Disney and other animation giants to Malaysia.

  • Senior Executive (min. RM2,500; avg. RM 2,700; max. RM3,500)
  • Junior Executive (min. RM1,700; avg. RM 2,000; max. RM2,500)

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